Tan Ge’s gaze landed on Su Xi-er. “You’re right, it was my choice. But it was also Prince Hao’s choice to exile a family of scholars like the Tan Family. Would I have ended up in this situation if you had chosen to help me back then?”


Su Xi-er watched her. She’s blaming others for everything, and refuses to take responsibility.


“I said that I could send you out of the palace if you wanted freedom, but I couldn’t meddle with what happened to the Tan family. I was only a maidservant at the time, and had no way to meddle in court affairs.”


“Exiling the Tan family is considered a court affair? We were framed without evidence.”


Su Xi-er spoke with a rising tone. “Without evidence? How can you be so sure that Patriarch Tan didn’t commit any crimes? You’re not the least bit remorseful, are you?”


“Remorseful? Why should I feel any remorse?” Tan Ge laughed. “Did you think I chose to enter the Beauty Palace? Is it my fault that I wasn’t able to catch Prince Hao’s attention there? Xie Yun tormented me, and all I wanted was to become stronger to avoid such a fate! How is that my fault?!”


She then spotted a red string hanging on Su Xi-er’s neck. “Hmph, I see that Du Ling has returned the jade pendant to you. He had never acknowledged me, but he immediately trusted you! Even Huyan Fei...”


She looked at Huyan Fei. His white clothing brought out his handsome features, and especially his clear eyes. Even Huyan Fei chose to protect Su Xi-er despite only meeting her for the first time.


“Su Xi-er!” Tan Ge’s voice dripped with venom as she spoke. “Why do all the men treat you this nicely! Isn’t it enough for you to have Pei Qianhao?”


“Others would treat you as you treat them. Chao Mu was nice to you, and so was Shu Xian. Yet,, everyone that was nice to you now wants to kill you.” Su Xi-er’s words were like a dagger that stabbed Tan Ge’s heart.


Tan Ge shook her head at this. “You were in charge of the chamber pots, but all you had to endure were whippings and beatings of the plank. You have no idea what I’ve been through, because you’ve never experienced it! You have no right to talk to me like this!”


Su Xi-er watched Tan Ge as the latter lost her grip on reality. In fact, with how much more Su Xi-er had suffered, she was probably the most qualified to talk to Tan Ge about this.


“Nothing to say to that? You would have chosen to go down the same path if you were me.” Tan Ge spoke with hatred flashing in her eyes. “I was able to find a new life for myself here by taking your jade pendant, so why did you have to appear again and take my identity away!”


“I specifically told you to stay out of Beimin and return to the Western Region, did I not? But you decided to bite off more than you can chew.” Su Xi-er spoke calmly as she flexed her wrist, looking for the perfect opportunity to strike Tan Ge when she was distracted.


Huyan Fei watched on the sidelines. So she’s already married to Prince Hao. A shame that the late King’s orders will no longer be effective; any man from the Western Region would take a liking to a brave and intelligent woman like her.


He was slightly disappointed as he realised that he was totally out of her league.

“Yes, I did bite off more than I can chew! Everybody wants to kill an evil person like me.” Tan Ge spoke with a dark gaze. This is the last poisonous needle, I need to use it well!

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