Su Xi-er swiftly dodged, successfully avoiding the poisonous needle. Afraid that she would get hit, Huyan Fei shot up from the water in an attempt to pull her away despite not wearing any clothes.


Seeing Huyan Fei’s pretty figure that had emerged from the water, Tan Ge couldn’t help but laugh. “Save your strength; you’ll know what suffering is when the medicine takes effect later.”


Taking a glimpse at Huyan Fei, Su Xi-er placidly took an outer robe from the rack and passed it to him. “Put this on.”


Huyan Fei wore the white robe as soon as he caught it. I didn’t expect that the fiancée the late Emperor casually appointed would be so amazing. 


Huyan Fei had been sickly from a young age, and his body had been deteriorating since the age of 10. Even after seeing numerous physicians and taking a multitude of medications, he still wouldn’t live past 35. It was for this reason that the Grand Empress Dowager hadn’t brought up the marriage agreement, and attempted looking for a different husband instead.


Tan Ge laughed. “The two of you are really fated; you have such chemistry despite it being your first meeting. Huyan Fei, is this Princess not as good-looking as her? Why do you treat me so coldly, yet treat her so well?” A trace of depression entered her voice.


It does make sense; this body of mine has long been sullied, and I even colluded with the left faction. It’s normal for Huyan Fei to not take a fancy to me.


Tan Ge clutched the hairpin tightly. There are two poisonous needles left. The nerve of Su Xi-er to still come and snatch away Huyan Fei when she already has Prince Hao!


Without sparing another word, she pulled out a whip and lashed it in Huyan Fei’s direction. Su Xi-er pushed him to the side, her right hand immediately grabbing hold of the whip.


Unable to pull it free, Tan Ge’s other hand nimbly twirled the hairpin, shooting out another poisonous needle. Huyan Fei’s pupils constricted as he tried to pull Su Xi-er behind him, but ended up being the one spun around by her as the poisonous needle flew past.


Then, a familiar voice could be heard groaning behind them.


Su Xi-er immediately turned around, only to see the Queen fall to the ground. The moment the needle lodged itself in her shoulder, it had begun to rapidly turn purple.


Huyan Fei furrowed his brow as he immediately looked towards Tan Ge. “You--, vicious woman!”


Tan Ge cackled. “I still have many poisonous needles, and you’re scolding me instead of begging me?”


At the same time, Su Xi-er had reached the Queen’s side. “How are you?”


Opening her eyes, the Queen felt an excruciating pain, preventing her from saying a single word.


“Don’t waste your strength. Even if she survives, she’ll be a mute, deaf, or blind in the future. This thing was given to me by the man in black, someone that I’m sure you know, Su Xi-er.”


Su Xi-er looked at her, enunciating her every word. “Shi Mo was much more of a threat than you, but he’s dead all the same. Tan Ge, I wanted to leave you an intact body, but I’m afraid that’s no longer possible.”


She looked towards Huyan Fei. “Guard the Queen. This is a matter between her and I, so I’ll be the one to resolve it.”


Huyan Fei nodded, and told Su Xi-er to be careful before helping the Queen to a safer area.


Tan Ge watched Su Xi-er approach her step by step, the latter’s face devoid of any of its original geniality.


It looks like she resents me to the core now.


“Rather than Xie Yun, it’s your fault that I’ve become like this now.” Tan Ge slowly remarked.


Su Xi-er stared right back at her. “All of this is a culmination of your choices.”


“No! If it hadn’t been for you, how would I have provoked Xie Yun? And how would I have killed Chao Mu? If you had never appeared, my life wouldn’t have played out in such a way either!” Tan Ge cried out as her hands reached for the hairpin.


There’s one last needle left inside.


“Tan Ge, why blame others when everything was your choice?”

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