Tan Ge’s eyes widened as she reeled back. 


I was right! I did see Su Xi-er today! But why has she entered the royal court? What are the people from the left faction doing? Are Pei Qianhao and Du Ling Here too?


The atmosphere congealed as the man leaning against the wooden tub raised his head to look at Su Xi-er, and a glint of recognition flashed past his eyes.


I've seen the Queen Consort when I was young, and this woman looks just like her.


If the fake Imperial Princess hadn't deceived the Grand Empress Dowager and rope in the left faction, she wouldn't have obtained her status.


Noticing the naked man whose handsome face and shoulders peeped out above the water, Su Xi-er furrowed her brows and looked at Tan Ge. "I didn’t know that you were into this type."


By then, Tan He's expression had returned to normal, and she played with her nails. "You're really impressive to be able to sneak into the Western Region's royal court. Are Prince Hao and the Western Region King here as well?"


“Since I can be here, they naturally can as well. If you admit to your crimes, we’ll leave you an intact body.”


Tan Ge slowly walked towards Su Xi-er while tightly gripping a hairpin under her sleeve. 


Su Xi-er is courting death by coming to my repose palace. Once the poisonous needle enters she’ll be crippled at best, and maybe even die! I originally didn’t want to do this, but she has come of her own accord.


Why do you have to come?


Just as Tan Ge was about to twirl the hairpin, Su Xi-er said in a composed manner. “You better not resort to any small tricks. I have already poisoned you with a colourless and odourless powder; moving will only cause it to spread faster.”


Su Xi-er took out a small porcelain bottle and held it up for Tan Ge to see. “I’m not fooling you.”


Tan Ge was still skeptical. “Both of us have already breathed in the poison. Aren’t you scared of dying?”


“How foolish; of course I’ve already consumed the antidote beforehand. As for Huyan Fei, he will be the only other person getting an antidote here.”


Tan Ge chuckled. “Stop trying to fool me. Do you think I’ll still be frightened after experiencing so many ups and downs? Besides, everyone outside the palace hall are my people.”


“So what if they are? The leader of the left faction has already been subdued after walking around in his inebriated state.” Su Xi-er indifferently said.


Tan Ge’s eyes darkened. Xian Yue did drink wine in my repose palace. Is he really under their control now? With the left faction gone, a military victory is out of the question. However, Xian Yue wouldn’t mess up at such a critical moment; Su Xi-er must be tricking me!


Su Xi-er continued to speak. “Xian Yue was not only drunk, but weak against beauty. Do you really think I wouldn’t be able to defeat him while he was in such a muddled state?”


Huyan Fei gazed at Su Xi-er with a flicker of respect in his eyes before laughing out loud. “Fake Imperial Princess, it seems like your plan has failed.”


Tan Ge snorted. “What, helping your real fiancée as soon as you see her? What a pity…” She is already married to Prince Hao!


Tan Ge’s countenance turned vicious. Regardless of whether she’s really poisoned me, I must drag someone down with me. I still haven’t used the hairpin Shi Mo left me, so I might as well use it on Su Xi-er!


She walked forward and deftly raised her right hand. With a ‘ding’, the poisonous needle shot out.

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