This guard was a patrolling commander who had been working under the Imperial Princess for a few months, but after enduring his daily tirade for all this time, he had only ever obtained a single silver ingot. Now that he had a silver hairpin, he was naturally delighted, but his expression remained solemn. “Your Majesty, you have a noble status; if you insist on going in, this subordinate is unable to stop you. Please.” He deferentially gestured.


The Queen glanced at Su Xi-er. With how meticulously she’s planned everything out, it’s no wonder that she could deal a blow to Xian Yue.


The two continued walking forward without any further resistance from the guards. Soon, they entered the Imperial Princess Palace, finding that the inner chamber was devoid of a single guard.


All the doors were closed, but Su Xi-er broke off a tiny twig and pried the door latch while the Queen watched in shock. This woman even knows how to do something like this!


Su Xi-er winked at her, and it didn’t take long before the two entered the palace hall, making sure that their footsteps were soft as they walked through the outer chamber.


Hearing the sound of water and seeing steam in the air, they reckoned that the person inside was washing up.


Suddenly, a woman’s voice rang. “Huyan Fei, you’ve been sickly since you were 10 years old, and would long be dead if it weren’t for a daily supply of precious herbs. I don’t know how you were able to become the King’s confidante.”


However, silence was the only response she received.


Su Xi-er identified that the deep and vicious voice belonged to Tan Ge. She’s completely different from that gentle woman with a faint smile in the Imperial Household Department.


The Queen made her breathing shallower as she whispered into Su Xi-er’s ears. “Huyan Fei is the leader of the right faction. His sublime stratagems earned him the place of the King’s confidante. Moreover, when the late Queen Consort was pregnant, the late King had also said that if the child were a princess, he would bestow her to the then young heir of the Huyan Family.”


However, not long after those words were spoken, internal strife broke out in the royal court, and the Queen Consort fled. Many years later after the King’s investigations would he learn that the Queen Consort had gone to Beimin and given birth to a daughter. As soon as he obtained the news, he pressed on with the investigations in secret. Only until a few months ago did the Imperial Princess return. However, I didn’t expect this princess to be an imposter!


The sound of clothes being put on brought their attention back as Su Xi-er’s eyelids twitched. Could it be that Tan Ge and Huyan Fei are having a bath together?


While she was still lost in her thoughts, Tan Ge continued. “It’s your fortune to have caught this Princess’ eye; the Western Region will be mine eventually. Besides, you and I have an engagement.”


Right afterwards, they heard a loud splash.


“Impudent! If you don’t comply with this Princess, I’ll kill you right away!”


Su Xi-er could discern Tan Ge’s extreme ire from her tone. Huyan Fei is handsome; could Tan Ge be holding him captive after taking a fancy to him? Such methods...tsk tsk. If she could really control the Western Region, wouldn’t she be setting up an Imperial Harem full of males?


The clear voice of a man replied to Tan Ge. “Do you lack men so much? Xian Yue was also quite handsome when he was young. Did he not satisfy you?” His voice was evidently full of contempt and unfriendliness.


“Don’t talk to this Princess about Xian Yue. You will die sooner or later. Now, be obedient and tell this Princess, where is the military tally?” Tan Ge chuckled and took out a hairpin. “If you refuse, it’ll be extremely painful when this poisonous needle enters your body.”


“I’ll never tell you even if I die. If it hadn’t been for my carelessness, how would I have been tricked by you?” The man snorted and closed his eyes.


Outside the door, Su Xi-er held the Queen’s hand, signalling for her to wait. The next moment, the former dashed to the door and pushed it open.


Tan Ge turned around in shock. “Who is it?!”


Su Xi-er didn’t speak, simply lowering her head as she walked over.


Noticing her palace maid attire, Tan Ge ruthlessly yelled, “Are you blind? Is this Princess’ repose palace a place you can enter?! You’ll be flogged to death!”


As Tan Ge was viciously hurling threats, Su Xi-er slowly raised her head, and despite the misty room, Tan Ge finally got a clear look at the latter’s face.

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