The Queen looked at Su Xi-er as she stammered, “I only have...that kind of medicinal powder. 


“Pass it to me.” Su Xi-er bluntly said.


The Queen was baffled. “Why do you want this? Medicinal powder of this kind… doesn’t seem very appropriate.”


“I won’t really use it; it’s just for intimidation.” Su Xi-er softly explained.


Tan Ge killed Chao Mu by poisoning the cup of water in my room. With how greedy she’s gotten, I have little doubt that she’s already exhausted whatever despicable means she possesses.


Understanding Su Xi-er’s intentions, the Queen went to the inner chamber and brought back the aphrodisiac, as well as a set of maidservant clothing. Thankfully, she still had the set of clothes from when she had just entered the royal court and wanted to slip out.


However, she had been caught as soon as she tried to step out of the palace gates. Despite there being no love between herself and the King, she was supposed to obediently fulfil her role as the Queen. However, she hadn’t expected herself to slowly fall deeply in love while he remained indifferent.


Su Xi-er changed into the set of maidservant clothes, and the two left the palace hall after the Queen was done with her make-up.


Their movement caught the attention of two personal palace maids who immediately chased after them. “Queen, where are you going when it’s so late?”


The Queen stopped walking and fixed them with a harsh glare. “Does this Queen need to inform you where I’m going?”


The two palace maids didn’t dare to speak, their eyes filled with bewilderment as they stared at Su Xi-er. This palace maid looks so unfamiliar; she’s not from the Queen’s repose palace.


“This palace maid was sent by this Queen’s maiden family, and she entered the palace not long ago. Quickly go back inside; I’ll be fine.” The Queen swiftly walked off.


The two palace maids were left staring at each other in a loss as they softly discussed. “Ever since the Queen was caught and brought back by the King half a year ago, she has never gone out again at night. Why is she suddenly leaving again? Could it be that she wants to leave the palace?”


“Probably not? Everyone in the palace is currently on tenterhooks. Maybe the Queen is feeling troubled and wants to go for a stroll. If she still isn’t back after two hours, we will…” The palace maid paused. Who do we report to?


We wouldn’t be able to see the King even if we knew where he was, and the Grand Empress Dowager is still unconscious.


Meanwhile, Su Xi-er and the Queen were soon approaching the Imperial Princess’ repose palace. When they turned to another palace path, they noticed that it was lined with the Imperial Princess’ guards.


The Queen whispered, “The fake Imperial Princess has tightened security measures over the past few days. The Discussion Palace outside the Imperial Harem is controlled by Xian Yue, while the fake Imperial Princess wields power over the Imperial Harem.”


Su Xi-er nodded and remained silent as two guards stopped the both of them. Recognising the Queen, they bowed. “This subordinate pays his respects to the Queen.”


“So you do know this Queen’s identity. Why did you block us then?”


“Queen, please forgive us. Visiting at night is really not a good time; the Imperial Princess is already resting after a day of fatigue due to work.”


“Impudent, does this Queen have to inform you about me coming here? Are you going to get out of the way?” The Queen’s ire was evident as she flung her sleeves, yet the guards did not waver in the least.


Su Xi-er took out a silver hairpin she had brought from the Queen’s repose palace. Although it was nothing special amongst the accessories the Queen possessed, it was worth a fortune to the guards.


“The Queen just wants to pay a visit to the Imperial Princess. Please make things convenient for us. If you earn the Queen’s favour, there will be many benefits to look forward to.” She silently passed the silver hairpin to one of the guards.

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