The palace maids continued on their path with a look of worry on their faces.


So this is the Queen’s repose palace, my elder sister-in-law. I’ll be able to go to the Imperial Princess’ repose palace with the Queen from here, and I won’t be stopped along the way.


Suddenly, Su Xi-er heard something clattering to the ground. Sensing that something was wrong, she rushed into the room to find the Queen trying to hang herself! Rushing forward, Su Xi-er immediately helped the woman who was hanging from a strip of white cloth, down.


Gasping for breath, the Queen looked at Su Xi-er, stunned. A woman dressed in soldiers’ garb, and it is blue! Suspicion immediately filled her heart as she aimed a hairpin at Su Xi-er. “Who are you! How dare you trespass in my quarters!”


Hearing footsteps approaching, Su Xi-er quickly closed the door and answered, “You’re my elder sister-in-law.”


The Queen stared at her in disbelief. I’m her elder sister-in-law? How could that be! The Imperial Princess is in her quarters now!


As she tried to process what had been said, two palace maids appeared outside the door and asked, “Your Majesty, are you okay? Are you unwell?”


Su Xi-er saw the disbelief in the Queen’s eyes and whispered to her, “The current princess is an imposter. Elder Brother went to Beimin to look for me; I’m the real one.”


However, the Queen’s shock only grew. The King refused to show himself, and despite rumours that he was ill, the Imperial Princess did not allow any visitors. Now that the Grand Empress Dowager is also unconscious, the entire court is a mess. After collecting herself, she asked, “Where’s the King now? How is he?”


Su Xi-er said, “Elder Brother has already snuck into the capital, and he’ll be secretly entering the palace soon. The fake princess is in cahoots with the leader of the left faction, but they’ll be caught soon.”


Outside, the palace maids spoke again when they didn’t hear anything. “Your Majesty, your servants will enter if you don’t reply.”


At this, the Queen said, “I’m fine. Leave.”


Relieved by her answer, her palace maids bowed and left.


The Queen stood up and looked Su Xi-er up and down before taking off her headwear. Her eyes widened upon seeing Su Xi-er’s face. “You look so similar.”


The King had a picture of his mother in her youth, and the Queen had caught a glimpse of it once when she was in the study. However, the King never allowed anyone to see that picture, and he even had the Queen punished with 10 strokes of the plank and house arrest for two months when she saw it. This woman right before me looks just like… the Queen Consort.


This uncanny resemblance made her believe Su Xi-er immediately. “You’re the real imperial princess.” She mumbled to herself as a flicker of fear appeared in her eyes. The current princess is a fake! She’s the one who made a mess of court affairs!


Su Xi-er then spoke sternly, “Your Majesty, I’ve already knocked out the leader of the left faction and left him in the bushes near the royal garden. If no one finds him in the next 24 hours, he’ll continue to be fast asleep. In that time, I would like to make a trip to the Imperial Princess’  palace. I hope you can take me there.”


This surprised the Queen again. How did a weak woman like her manage to defeat the leader of the left faction? 


She answered after a while. “I’m not on very good terms with the princess, but I’ll go because of the King! Change into the attire of my palace and follow me to the princess’ quarters later.”


Su Xi-er nodded and asked, “Do you have any special medicine here?”


The Queen blushed at this. She had been married to the King for more than a year now, but was still a virgin since he had never taken a liking to her. She had prepared an aphrodisiac several months ago, but had never dared to use it.


Seeing her turn red as a beetroot, Su Xi-er knew that the Queen had misunderstood her question.

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