Having been blatantly ignored, Xian Yue spoke again. “Not answering? Why is there such a coward in the left faction?” He then began to close in with a dangerous look in his eyes.


Her face obscured by the hat she was wearing, Su Xi-er gripped a golden hairpin in her hands as the scent of alcohol filled her nose.


From her coarse uniform, Xian Yue could tell that this was a low ranking guard, someone who would only be tasked with guarding the entrances. There was no way a guard like that would be here. He thus commanded, “Remove your hat, lift your head up.”


The golden hairpin held tightly in her hand, Su Xi-er reached up to remove her headwear with her other hand and looked up at Xian Yue.


Her elegant beauty could not be obscured by the bright moonlight even when she had brushed her face with ash. Xian Yue was pleasantly surprised when he saw her, laughing as he continued to approach. “Where did this beauty come from?”


He then reached out for her waist.


In an instant, Su Xi-er could tell what type of person he was, and quickly decided on a strategy as she giggled and dodged away. “Do you want to know where I’m from?”


“Interesting. You’re much more interesting than the Imperial Princess.” Though Xian Yue hadn’t managed to touch her, that made him even more excited.


Su Xi-er closed in on him. “Want to try something that’s even more interesting?”


With so much alcohol in his system, Xian Yue wasn’t able to resist any woman, much less one who was luring him in with a gentle voice. Thus, he stepped forward and said, “There’s nothing I’m afraid of trying. Tell me.”


Su Xi-er chuckled as she watched him. His eyes were already clouded over, and it was obvious that he was no longer on guard. She thus used this opportunity to stab her golden hairpin into his neck.


Her hairpin glinted in the moonlight as it pierced Xian Yue’s accupoint, his eyes going wide as he lost feeling in his body. How dare this woman pierce my sleeping acupoint!


Seeing that he was still awake, Su Xi-er aimed for his buttocks, causing him to stagger and fall into the nearby bushes


It’s a good thing he’s dressed in black and blends into the darkness of the night. He likely won’t wake up for around 24 hours, and very few servants should be coming down this path anyways. This should give A-Jing and Du Ling enough time to sneak into the royal court.


Satisfied, Su Xi-er put her wide hat back on before continuing into the imperial harem.


The entire compound was rather dark, and it was only after a while did she spot a flicker of candlelight in one of the palaces.


She did not know which one belonged to the Imperial Princess, so she decided to sneak randomly into one of the palace halls first. Once inside, she heard two sobbing palace maids conversing with each other as they carried water basins.


“What could the King be doing? After he’s been gone for so long, all power has fallen into the hands of the Imperial Princess and the left faction. Our Queen is so beautiful, but what would happen to her if Xian Yue has the audacity to take her away?”


“Don’t spout nonsense. The Queen might hear you.”

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