After the horse carriage returned to the palace, security was tightened and the rules about allowing people into the city were more strictly enforced.


Tan Ge sat on a luxurious chair in her quarters while a maidservant massaged her calves. Another cut and peeled fruits for her, but neither dared to make the slightest sound. They knew well how hard this princess was to please, and that they would be punished and beaten to death for the slightest mistake.


After she returned to the capital, there would be at least one unfortunate soul who was singled out and punished each day. With the Grand Empress Dowager unconscious and the Western Region King missing, the Imperial Princess currently held all the power of the court in her hands and the leader of the left faction.


Even the lowliest palace maid could tell that they were about to witness a drastic change in the state of affairs if their King didn’t return soon.


Tan Ge waited in her quarters for the guards to report back, dismissing the palace maids once they arrived. “How is it?”


The guard bowed and answered respectfully, “You Highness, we did not find any women from the central plains.”


“You’ve searched all the inns and restaurants?” Tan Ge pressed further, her fists clenched tightly.


“We’ve combed through every room and every street. There is no woman from the central plains.”


There was an imperceptible change in Tan Ge’s expression. Du Ling and Pei Qianhao should have brought Su Xi-er here. It was definitely her that I saw earlier, so why can’t we find her? Could it be that the three of them have already met up?


She grew more anxious the more she thought about it. “Summon Xianyue, the leader of the left faction!”


Before the guard could turn to leave, a flippant male voice was heard. “This subordinate had expected Your Highness to call for me, so I’ve been waiting just outside.”


Dismissing the guards, Tan Ge turned her attention to the man in front of her. Xianyue was more than fifty years old, but he still had a full head of jet black hair. He was a tall man who liked shooting and horse-riding, allowing him to remain fit despite his age. The one thing that betrayed his age were the wrinkles around his eyes, but it was clear that he would’ve been a charming young man in his youth.


The corner of his lips turned up in a slight smile as he walked up to Tan Ge, observing her delicate make-up. He loved having power and beautiful women, especially those who were vicious and beautiful like Tan Ge.


He reached out to touch her waist, but Tan Ge dodged quickly. “How could you be in the mood! Du Ling is already in the capital, and he’s with Beimin’s Prince Hao!”


Xianyue obviously did not think much of this. “So what? All of Du Ling’s men are under our control, and Prince Hao is someone from the Central Plains.. Who is he to interfere with the affairs of the Western Region?”


“You clearly know that I’m not the real princess; that would be Princess Consort Hao. Do you think that Prince Hao would just leave this be?” Xianyue’s frivolous attitude had Tan Ge’s gaze glinting with anger.

Xianyue never expected for the real princess to be Princess Consort Hao. His gaze deepened as he grinned. I wonder if Princess Consort Hao is beautiful?

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