It was not a good time to challenge the guards with the sheer number of commoners passing by. Pei Qianhao thus exchanged a glance with Du Ling before he nodded and said, “We’ll follow.”


It won’t be too late to engage them in a fight after we move to a more secluded location.


Pei Qianhao patted Su Xi-er on the shoulder and whispered into her ear, “Find an inn and wait for us. Don’t act alone.”


Su Xi-er nodded to reassure him before continuing by herself. A-Jing and Du Ling will be able to quickly escape from the soldiers.


She found an inn quickly, but was drawn by a commotion on the streets before she entered.


“Make way for the Imperial Princess’ horse carriage!”


“Why is the Imperial Princess suddenly leaving the palace?”


“I’m not sure, but I heard that it’s for an inspection. With the Imperial Princess running around everywhere, I can’t help but think that something huge is happening soon. Is the King dying?”


The commoners continued with their speculations, but fell silent when the carriage began to pass.


Su Xi-er glanced at the woman in the carriage when it passed by the inn. She was wearing a colorful dress with a peacock feather in her hair, and there was an air of nobility about her.


Tan Ge looked out of the curtains as the carriage passed the inn, her heart skipping a beat. Did my eyes just fool me? Why did it feel like I just saw Su Xi-er? Did Shi Mo not manage to stall her?


Tan Ge frowned and instructed the driver, “Go to the guards at the city gates. This Princess would like to ask them some questions.”


“This subordinate obeys the order.”


Tan Ge fiddled with her sleeves nervously as the carriage headed for the city gates. She had used the drug Shi Mo gave her on the Grand Empress Dowager and the leader of the right faction. The two of them had been unconscious since, and the only thing that the imperial physician had been able to deduce was that they were in a deep slumber.


The guard at the city gates came up and bowed respectfully as her carriage arrived. “Imperial Princess.”


“Were there any suspicious individuals who entered the capital today?”


The guard answered, “There were three; two men and a woman. We have captured the men.”


Tan Ge coldly asked, “You let the woman go?”


“She seemed weak, so we allowed her into the capital. There’s no need to worry, Your Highness...”


Tan Ge cut him off before he could finish. “Impudent! Men, give him a harsh beating with the plank!”


Two guards went up and grabbed him. Everyone was stunned at this. The Imperial Princess is directly making a move on someone from the left faction!


“Bring me to where they’re being held!” The carriage continued as per Tan Ge’s instructions.


Du Rin looked around her, finding soldiers from both factions among the guards. Even if those from Du Ling and the right faction didn’t obey her orders, they were already under her control. Nonetheless, she didn’t carry much hope of gaining their assistance. As for the rest of the guards, they wouldn’t hesitate to kill Du Ling even if they recognised him as the king.


Tan Ge smirked. Only death will await you if you return, Du Ling. It’s my destiny to wield the power in the Western Region! As for Su Xi-er...


She then instructed her guard, “Check every single restaurant and inn. Capture every woman who looks like they’re from the Central Plains!”


“This subordinate obeys the order.” The guard then went about his duties right away.


When Tan Ge arrived at where Pei Qianhao and Du Ling were supposed to be held, all she saw were soldiers laying on the ground. The two men were nowhere to be found!


They were able to overpower more than ten guards at once! Tan Ge frowned and hollered, “Back to the palace now!”


I’ll leave Pei Qianhao and Du Ling to the left faction. I just need to capture Su Xi-er! I have to target their weak point!

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