Given the relationship between the Western Region and the Central Plains, the other guests who had turned to size up the trio that had just entered eyed Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao with disdain.


In response, Pei Qianhao swept a frosty gaze across the establishment, immediately prompting the other patrons to decide that they would rather continue enjoying their food and drink. More than that, this man’s gaze was just too terrifying!


Since no tea leaves were produced in the Western Region, restaurants usually served wine or plain water. With Su Xi-er currently unable to drink wine, the three of them only had one choice.


The waiter was surprised at this. Why are two grown men drinking plain water with this lady? Do they even consider themselves men? I’m not sure about the one from the Central Plains, but this guy from the Western Region should be drinking wine instead!


Du Ling looked at the waiter and asked, “Not leaving?”


Du Ling’s tone scared the waiter, and he quickly sped away before coming back with some dishes, wondering all the while, Who is this man?


After Tan Ge returned to the Western Region, she continued to dupe the Grand Empress Dowager and control the left faction. Even the leader of the right faction, who was under Du Ling, was now imprisoned by her. Du Ling’s expression continued to darken as his killing intent revealed itself in his eye. Despicable woman. How dare she mess with court affairs!


Pei Qianhao spoke to Du Ling as he picked up some meat for Su Xi-er. “The court is controlled, and you don’t have enough men to enter by force. Our only option is to disguise ourselves. The Western Region still has to acknowledge you as their king.”


There were four pieces to the military tally - the left and right factions had one each, and the Imperial Princess and the King had one each. Each piece was usually stored in a secret location known only to their owners.


Du Ling understood what Pei Qianhao was getting at. Tan Ge would have already gained control over the court, and she would probably kill anyone who was in her way. Those in the left faction had been unhappy with him for a long time, and wouldn’t bat an eye to working with Tan Ge to eliminate him.


They boarded a horse carriage after their meal, but had to switch to a camel-drawn carriage once they arrived at the sand dunes. Past that, they had all taken steps beyond disguising themselves as merchants; Su Xi-er covered half her face, Pei Qianhao wore a hat, and Du Ling had a dark veil on.


When they arrived at the city gates, Du Ling noticed that the guards were all dressed in blue. In the Western Region, the left faction wore blue, the right faction wore green, and his guards wore black.


“From the Central Plains?” The guard asked Pei Qianhao sternly.


Instead, Su Xi-er answered. “He’s my husband. I’m from the Western Region and he’s from the central plains. We’re here to visit my parents.”


Even though Su Xi-er was dressed in clothing from the Central Plains, her eyes were obviously much deeper set than the average woman there. The guard observed them for a while before saying, “You can go ahead. But we’ll need to look into your husband. As for...”


He then looked at Du Ling. “You stay too. The Imperial Princess has ordered not to allow any suspicious individuals into the capital.” He then signalled to the guard beside him. In a couple of seconds, Pei Qianhao and Du Ling were surrounded by the guards.

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