At this point, several men on horses were arriving, with Chu Xian and Du Ling among them. What confused them, however, was that despite it looking as if everything had been settled, Pei Qianhao was still anxiously looking around.


Chu Xian surmised that Shi Mo was dead by the tattered pieces of clothing that were left of him, while Du Ling’s heart leapt into his mouth when he saw the jade pendant Pei Qianhao was holding. His expression turned grave as he jumped off his horse.


Shi Mo’s remaining subordinates was now been surrounded by the soldiers of Dongling.


Chu Xian watched the two anxious men going into the forest. If they’re this anxious, this means… something happened to Su Xi-er. But why would she be here, instead of in the palace?


Laughter could be heard behind him, and Chu Xian turned around to find Chu Linglong standing there in his red robes. Frowning, he stated, “You’re the one who brought Su Xi-er here.”


Chu Linglong waved a hand. “It wasn’t me. She came here on her own.”


“How would she know we’re going up against Shi Mo today if it wasn’t for you? Are you in cahoots with him?”


Chu Linglong laughed. Shi Mo is dead, there is only a limited supply of the medicine needed to sustain my life left. I only have about ten days remaining.


“Chu Xian, you killed Emperor Father. We should settle this now.”


“This Emperor commands you to get out of the capital. Don’t blame me for being cruel if you choose not to obey!”


The tension in the air was palpable.




Pei Qianhao and Du Ling were still searching for Su Xi-er in the forest.


If Su Xi-er was at the site at the time of the explosion, she would either have been blown into the forest, or hidden safely inside it.


Terror clutched at Pei Qianhao’s heart as he thought of the worst possibility, but he continued to call her name.


Spotting a speck of pink in the distance, his heart leapt to his throat. That is what Xi-er was wearing! His eyes glimmered with renewed hope as he dashed towards the figure, hearing a familiar coughing sound. It’s from a female! It’s Xi-er!


Pei Qianhao rushed up to her and hugged her tightly. “Xi-er.”


She opened her arms immediately at the familiar voice and scent to embrace him, her voice trembling as she answered, “A-Jing.”


I knew that he would be fine. Having been able to hide herself in the forest before the explosion happened, the worst she had suffered were a few scratches on her arms and wrists.


“Xi-er.” Pei Qianhao lifted her chin to look at her closely.


Su Xi-er saw that his eyes were red and watering, and moved her hand to wipe his tears away. “You’re a mess.”


“Xi-er, I’m scared. It’s the second time I’ve been afraid. Don’t do this to me again, okay?” Pei Qianhao looked at her, afraid that she would disappear from his sight.


She nodded before punching him lightly. “You’re always keeping things from me, even working with Elder Brother to hide it this time. If you hadn’t done that, neither of us would have to be afraid.”


Such an unexpected turn of events would make even the most intelligent individual anxious. This was exactly what happened when she spoke with Shi Mo earlier: her emotions had gotten the better of her.


“Xi-er, I won’t do that next time. I’ll tell you everything.” Pei Qianhao embraced her tightly.


They were stuck to each other like this until sunlight shone through the leaves in the forest, illuminating their figures.

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