Su Xi-er’s tone was calm. “I will be more cautious.”


“You can get close to Prince Hao, but not too close. You have to grasp a suitable distance. Although you are young, you have been in the imperial palace even longer than the Empress Dowager. Su Xi-er, you will definitely be destined for great success. In the future, His Majesty…”


Su Xi-er raised her head and looked at Eunuch Zhang. “I have seen His Majesty before. His temperament is pure.”


Eunuch Zhang was surprised. “You have actually seen His Majesty before? He is always in the Dragon Heaven Palace, and is strictly disciplined by Prince Hao.”


“I saw him by chance. Eunuch Zhang, I’ll be going to get the well buckets.”


Eunuch Zhang waved his hand. “In the wooden cabin in the backyard.”


Su Xi-er nodded and turned to leave.


As Eunuch Zhang gazed at her departing figure, he was pensive. To be able to come up with and execute such a plan to transfer Ruo Yuan back to the Palace Side Quarters, exactly how much courage and resolution does such a woman have? 


This kind of boldness and assertiveness shouldn’t be appearing on a young lady who is only in her teens.




Su Xi-er took two new well buckets from the Imperial Household Department and walked towards the Laundry Service Bureau. All of a sudden, there was a movement in the woods beside the palace path and the sound of a cat crying followed shortly.


Cat crying? Su Xi-er shifted her gaze and spotted a pair of large cat eyes hidden in the undergrowth.  


The cat’s eyes were particularly nimble, finding Su Xi-er just as she found them.


An ominous glint appeared in its eyes upon sighting her. It bounced out and scratched the ground with its claws, its tail sticking straight up. 


This is...the cat raised by the Empress Dowager, Flower!


It was still very vicious the second time around.


The fat cat was tensed as it crouched down; then proceeding to pounce towards Su Xi-er with its mouth open. 


Su Xi-er dodged with a practised motion, her left arm raised due to the rapid movement. It was due to this habit that the bucket in her hand ended up flying towards Flower. 


Flower’s big and fat face impacted the hard well bucket, only going stiff for a moment before the cat shrieked miserably and laid prone on the ground motionlessly.


It had lost its strength from the fall, so it used its large eyes to glare at Su Xi-er ferociously.


Su Xi-er crouched down and touched its head. “They all say that cats have nine lives. You only fell once, so you won’t even lose a life. Lie here and rest properly for a while. Miss He will come to look for you.”


She then stood up and walked towards the Laundry Service Bureau.


Flower stretched its body straight and fiercely mewed at her departing figure.


It was unclear how much time had passed before Flower got a little better. It had just twisted its fat body when He Ying arrived to pick it up.


“Well done, you wildly ran all over the place again. It was the Palace Side Quarters last time. Now you want to go to the Laundry Service Bureau right? If you make trouble again, I’ll throw you away.” He Ying admonished as she poked Flower’s head. 


Flower’s eyes turned and it dropped its head listlessly. 


He Ying felt that it was strange. It was still perfectly fine this morning. Why did it become like this?


Imperial Physician Zhao had just happened to be passing by at this moment. He Ying immediately walked forward while carrying Flower.


“Imperial Physician Zhao, help me take a look. What’s wrong with Flower?” 


Imperial Physician Zhao’s had a strange expression. I diagnose people, not cats. However, this cat is raised by the Empress Dowager. It’s not good for me to refuse.


Hence, he examined Flower briefly. “Cats also have a temper. It’s probably because you pamper it too much. It’s not a big deal. Just let it be.”


He Ying lowered her head to look at Flower and kept feeling that something was amiss. However, Imperial Physician Zhao was an old imperial physician in the palace; it wouldn’t be appropriate for her to chastise him.  


She nodded. “In that case, I’m relieved. Take care, Imperial Physician Zhao.” 


She then left while carrying Flower.


Flower’s eyes turned continuously as they took a small path back to the Compassionate Peace Palace. Unfortunately, the quickest path also led past the Laundry Service Bureau.


He Ying chose the closet palace path. When she reached the Laundry Service Bureau area, Flower suddenly jumped up.


“Flower, what’s the matter?”


Flower leapt down from her and ran towards the Laundry Service Bureau.


He Ying followed, but she didn’t expect that she would meet Su Xi-er.

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