Su Xi-er put her hairpin back in place as she watched him leave, leaving for the stable shortly after.


The palace guards tried to stop her when they realised what she was trying to do, but she was adamant on leaving. Silencing them with an icy glare, none of them stopped her as she galloped off on a horse.


Chu Linglong smirked at this. She left on her own, but does she even know the location?


Heading for the suburbs, Su Xi-er had assumed that the location wouldn’t be within the city. However, with how vast Dongling was, even the capital’s suburbs were enormous, making her search harder.


Thus, she could only dismount her horse and pause when she reached the city limits. As if by magic, Chu Linglong once again made an appearance and smiled at her. “Princess Consort Hao, you’re here.”


She ignored him and looked at the three paths in front of her. Among them, the one on the left had fresh tracks that were accompanied by hoof marks. Thus, her decision was made.


Chu Linglong looked meaningfully at her departing figure. Intelligent and thorough. She’s on the right path, but I’m afraid she’ll be caught before she even reaches her destination.


While still on the road, Su Xi-er got down from her horse and emptied the sachet she carried on her waist, replacing its contents with rocks.


She then continued her journey on foot, accompanied by nothing but the sound of the wind and rustling leaves. It seemed peaceful, but the tension in the air was thick as syrup.


The rustling got louder just as she slowed down, and a man dressed in a black outfit appeared before her. “There’s no need for so many of us to stop a mere woman like you. I’ll let you go this time. Leave!”


“I’m not leaving.” Su Xi-er answered with composure.


She then started flicking the rocks she collected at the man.


The man smirked. “You’re courting death!”


They went through a few exchanges without either gaining an upper hand, leaving the man surprised by Su Xi-er’s skills.


The other men hidden in the forest began to ready their bows and arrows, having grown anxious due to the turn of events. Just kill that woman already. We shouldn’t be wasting so much time on her.


Sensing their movement, Su Xi-er circled around her opponent, kicking his knees and forcing him to the ground. Lifting her right hand, she held him in a chokehold.


“Your leader will be dead if any of you dare make a move!”


The man couldn’t believe that he was bested by a woman! His allies were forced to come out to face her.


“I just want to pass, I won’t kill you.” Su Xi-er coldly said.


Her opponent laughed at this. “You’ll be dead even if you do go there. The entire place is riddled with explosives!”


Su Xi-er’s expression darkened. Shi Mo wants to go down together?


As if verifying her suspicions, explosions suddenly rang out nearby, shaking the ground with their force as white smoke billowed into the air.


Her opponent laughed again. “Everyone’s been blown to bits! My master has already escaped!”


Su Xi-er pulled out her hairpin and pierced one of his acupoints, causing him to crumple to the ground.


The other men immediately raised their bows, but froze when she spoke. “Your leader has been poisoned, and I am the only one with the antidote. Feel free to shoot if you dare.” She then turned to leave without another word.


My A-Jing is skilled, but… explosives are a lot more powerful than swords.


She then started running towards the source of the explosion, trying to find survivors.


She was getting increasingly anxious when she couldn’t find anyone, but suddenly felt a hand grab her ankle. Looking down, she found that it was Shi Mo!


He looked up at her, his face covered with blood, never thinking that she would be the one he would see at death’s door.

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