A palace maid sent over a freshly-brewed bowl of medicine half an hour after Su Xi-er had her breakfast.


Although the medicine was bitter, Su Xi-er knew that it would help nourish her body, and begrudgingly drank the concoction in a single gulp.


“Miss, this servant will get a bowl of red bean soup. The Western Region King got up before dawn and put brown sugar in the soup, instructing this servant to bring you a bowl after you’ve taken your medicine.” The palace maid smiled and bowed respectfully before leaving.


The palace maid did not reappear even after a long time had passed, but Su Xi-er was then greeted by someone she had never expected to see.


Su Xi-er wasn’t aware how Chu Xian had taken power, nor was she aware of what fights he had gone through to do so. However, no matter what had happened, she was still on guard as she watched a feminine man dressed in red walk in the door: Chu Linglong!


“Why be such a stranger when you see this Prince, Princess Consort Hao?” Chu Linglong walked up to her with a slight smile hanging on his lips.


“We weren’t even friends in the first place, so it's no surprise.” Su Xi-er stared at him as she answered, impressing Chu Linglong with her composure.


He owed Shi Mo his life, and although he wasn’t exactly an honourable person, Chu Linglong refused to owe anyone a debt of gratitude. Moreover, I’m not killing Su Xi-er, just kidnapping her.


“When this Prince visited Beimin, I invited you and Prince Hao to visit Dongling. I would have welcomed the both of you generously. But alas, I’m no longer in the position to do so.” He continued taking measured steps towards her and spoke steadily, “Su Xi-er, Prince Hao left the palace early in the morning, while the Western Region King and Chu Xian followed two hours later. Don’t you want to know what’s going on?”


Su Xi-er naturally knew who was behind it. “Shi Mo.”


Chu Linglong’s effeminate voice continued to drift into her ears as he said, “Your intelligence is only growing, and so you must know that Shi Mo has laid an immaculate trap. Aren’t you afraid that your beloved husband is in trouble without bringing any backup?”


Her heart involuntarily skipped a beat when she heard the words ‘in trouble’. She believed in Pei Qianhao’s abilities, and was sure that he wouldn’t be in harm’s way even if his opponent was Shi Mo. Even so, she could not help but worry.


“If you’re worried, how about coming with me? I’ll take you there.” Chu Linglong tried to coax Su Xi-er to leave with him.


“You’re trying to dupe me so that I’ll leave the palace with you, but do you think I’ll let that happen?”


Chu Linglong shrugged. “I’ve been found out so quickly. This Prince doesn’t like to force things on others, so it’s fine if you don’t wish to come. However, what if Prince Hao doesn’t come back? Or are you still afraid that I’m trying to bait you out?”


Su Xi-er’s eyes narrowed. After a moment of contemplation, she said, “I’ll go with you, but...”


She removed the golden hairpin she was wearing and smiled at him. “Do you dare let me pierce you once with this hairpin?” If I hit his acupoint, he’ll lose his strength and won't be able to fight back.


Chu Linglong did not expect her to make such a counter proposal. “This Prince doesn’t like being stabbed.” He then turned to leave, knowing that Su Xi-er would definitely follow behind him.

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