He bowed deferentially to Su Xi-er before using a silk handkerchief to cover her wrist and start taking her pulse.


After a while, he kept the handkerchief and said, “The Princess Consort’s pulse has stabilized. She may have had many things on her mind the past few days, leading to an irregular period. She will be fine after some nourishment and rest. There is no need for Prince Hao to worry.”


Su Xi-er’s expression fell slightly when she heard the diagnosis. I shouldn’t have hoped that I was pregnant.


Pei Qianhao nodded and said, “Give us a prescription to help with her condition.”


“Understood.” The imperial physician left and returned to the medical quarters to prepare the prescription before having a maidservant send it over and assist with brewing it.


At her bedside, Du Ling took Su Xi-er’s hand right in front of Pei Qianhao’s eyes. “No female in the Western Region has a cold constitution because all of our food is made to warm our bodies.”


Du Ling seemed to have lost that imposing aura he had as a king. He was now just like an older brother who cared deeply for his younger sister.


Su Xi-er nodded at him as she thought to herself, It’s pretty nice having an elder brother.


Pei Qianhao saw the bowl of soup on the bedside drawer and, already knowing the answer, asked, “Did you add any sugar?” 


“Huh? We have to put sugar in it?” Du Ling turned to ask, never letting go of Su Xi-er’s hand.


“Of course; it wouldn’t taste good otherwise.”


Du Ling’s expression became awkward as he recalled Su Xi-er’s earlier remarks, and he quickly picked up the bowl before saying, “I’ll go add some sugar in it.” He then turned to leave.


Pei Qianhao said, “Get someone to send it over in the morning. Xi-er needs rest.” He then started taking off his outer robe.


Du Ling paused for a second before exiting the room.


Seeing the door close and Pei Qianhao already undressing, Su Xi-er commented, “A-Jing, you’re jealous.”


“Xi-er, I’m the only one who can touch your hands, yet Du Ling has already done so several times. I’ve counted; he did it a total of...”


“You’re so petty.” Su Xi-er pinched him on the nose.


“I am indeed petty.” Her pink lips captured Pei Qianhao’s attention. I haven’t kissed her in a while. He then took her in an embrace and planted a kiss on her lips.


Su Xi-er responded in kind as their kiss deepened and their fingers knitted tightly together.


The night was warm.


Pei Qianhao got up early the next day. It was no ordinary day. They knew where Shi Mo was hiding, and they had already destroyed everything that belonged to him in Dongling. The only thing left was for Shi Mo to show himself.


Chu Xian received Shi Mo’s letter before daylight. It was stated very clearly in the letter that he wanted Pei Qianhao to meet him alone. The two of them had to settle things today.


Chu Xian was familiar with Shi Mo’s tactics, and he knew that Pei Qianhao would be walking into a trap if he really went to meet him alone. No matter how skilled Pei Qianhao was, it was impossible for anyone to emerge unscathed if faced with continuous waves of skilled fighters.


However, Pei Qianhao did not seem to think much of this. “I’ve gone against whole armies, so a single Shi Mo is nothing to me.” He then rode off on his horse.


Pei Qianhao had always been ready to unleash his wrath upon Shi Mo from the moment the latter had targeted Su Xi-er. As for why he had not actively sought Shi Mo out himself, there was only one reason ー Pei Qianhao had done this on purpose.

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