A smirk hung on Shi Mo’s lips. Since you plan to end our partnership, I’ll help you out. He exited his room and waved his hand, a few of his henchmen appearing before him before bowing respectfully. “Master, what are your instructions?”


“Move our base out of Dongling in seven days and head for other countries; make sure to keep a low profile. Find new owners for the fields, restaurants, teahouses, and manors before selling them at low prices. The new owners cannot open until one month has passed.” He spoke steadily.


Buyers would be clamoring for the assets Shi Mo was selling if they went at low prices. However, the additional requirement of having to remain closed for one month would cause chaos with Dongling’s economic situation. This would be enough to keep Chu Xian busy for the time being.


But would he be able to concentrate on the country when the ice melts in seven days? If so, I will be able to make use of this opportunity to strike an alliance with the Liu family. Shi Mo scoffed inwardly. This price is too light for Chu Xian.


His henchmen were puzzled at his instructions, but no one dared question him with that dark and thunderous aura of his. All of them bowed and acknowledged their orders before leaving.


Shi Mo then summoned another man who was wearing red. “I saved your life, so it’s time you repay that debt. I want you to join hands with me in making Pei Qianhao suffer.”


The man in red looked like a woman with the eyeliner he was wearing, and was even more feminine than before. “What if this Prince refuses?”


“Dongling already has a new emperor, and Crown Prince Chu Linglong is long gone. If it weren’t for me, you would’ve become a pile of bones, yet you still refer to yourself as this Prince?” Shi Mo mocked him.


Chu Linglong answered casually, “Chu Xian is taking his rightful place as the emperor. It’s what the imperial family owes him.”


“Is that so? Don’t you hate him for killing the previous emperor and the empress, your parents?” Shi Mo caught the flicker of hatred that flashed in Chu Linglong’s eyes as he spoke.


No one can read others as well as I can. Chu Linglong, don’t even think of hiding your thoughts from me.


After a moment of contemplation, Chu Linglong said, “My skills are good, but they’re no match for Prince Hao and the Western Region King. With Chu Xian added into the mix, I’m of almost no use to you now.”


“Oh don’t worry about that. At least in Su Xi-er’s eyes, you’re harmless.”


Chu Linglong was stunned at Shi Mo’s words. “You want me to target a woman? I can’t do that.” Even if I look feminine, I’m still a man; doing something like this is rather despicable.


“No, even I couldn’t bear to kill her. All you need to do is abduct Su Xi-er and secretly send her to the Western Region’s court. Chu Xian will be caught in the vortex and unable to extricate himself. As for Pei Qianhao and Du Ling, I have my ways. ”


Although everything was a part of his plan, Shi Mo was betting on Tan Ge as well. He was betting on the fact that she would be able to take control of the Western Region court by making use of the hairpin and drug he had given her.


Chu Linglong thought about it for a while before agreeing. “It’s a simple job. I’ll help you out.” He then turned to leave.


“Your medicine, take it.” Shi Mo tossed a tiny white porcelain bottle to Chu Linglong.

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