Nothing she did escaped him. She decided that she would use that bracelet against him if he tried to capture her.


At this point, a bunch of palace guards rushed up. Anxious of being found out, Tan Ge lowered her head. What should I do? I’m about to get caught! This won’t do, this won’t do!


 “Scared now?” Shi Mo appeared beside her in a flash, grabbing her and quickly pushing her into a room on the boat.


Tan Ge could not comprehend his actions. What was he trying to do? He sent me to Pei Qianhao in the first place, so why is he doing this now?


Tan Ge shook uncontrollably in the room, her palms wet as she waited in silence. After an hour, she felt the boat begin to move! Did I escape successfully?


Another period of time passed before someone else opened the door to the room, closing it behind them. Shi Mo, dressed in his blue robes, appeared before her with his vicious eyes staring down.


Tan Ge shivered as she watched him. What are those eyes? One of them looks warm and gentle, while the other looks evil and vicious. How can an individual have such eyes?


Shi Mo rarely made eye contact with anyone, and he usually narrowed his eyes even when walking on the streets. But now, he kept his gaze steady on Tan Ge as he approached her.


 “You… helped me.” Tan Ge spoke in trepidation.


Shi Mo stopped right before her. “Yes, I helped you. You didn’t disappoint, and managed to escape from the palace.”


 “You’re the one who started the fire in the palace?” Tan Ge made a guess, never daring to make eye contact with him.


 “How would you have been able to escape if I didn’t do that?”


 “Didn’t you send me to Prince Hao? If you were planning to use me as a sacrificial lamb, what’s the meaning of all this? Just whose side are you on?” Tan Ge was filled with suspicion. What did he really want?


Shi Mo took out a tiny packet of powder and gave it to her. “Go to the Western Region. If the Grand Empress Dowager doesn't listen to you, put this into her food. She’ll listen to every word you say after that. There’s enough in here for 2 doses, so you can do the same with the right faction leader as well.”


The victim will listen to my every word? How is this man powerful enough to get such drugs?


Tan Ge looked at the packet for a moment before she reached out to take it, tucking it securely into her sleeve.


Shi Mo continued looking at her. “You’re smarter than I thought you were, knowing how to make use of the situation to help yourself. Make sure you use the same smarts to throw the Western Region into chaos.” He then turned to leave the room right after.


 “Why are you targeting Du Ling suddenly? Wasn’t Prince Hao your original target?”


Shi Mo scoffed without answering. Most of the individuals who approached Pei Qianhao would meet with horrible ends, so it was just Du Ling’s luck that he got acquainted with Pei Qianhao.


Pei Qianhao isn’t some half-faced man, nor is he someone who would bring misfortune to his parents and friends. Wouldn’t it be great if Pei Qianhao ended up like me one day? Oh, Pei Qianhao has a younger twin brother as well.


But that brother of his is so weak and sickly that I probably don’t need to bother with him. He’s probably dead by now.


The boat left the port and sailed towards the open sea, picking up speed as it reached the open waters. Tan Ge heaved a sigh of relief at this. She looked at her bangle and the drug packet. These are all I can depend on now.

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