Chu Xian watched as Pei Qianhao walked up to him. “Why is Prince Hao here instead of taking care of the Princess Consort?”


“This Prince received news that ice has been brought to the palace, and that the body of the Empress is safe.” Pei Qianhao spoke steadily, his gaze never leaving Chu Xian.


“Very updated. Do you have spies inside Dongling’s palace?” Chu Xian asked coldly.


“Since the body of the Empress is safe, this Prince will take my leave.” Pei Qianhao turned and was about to ride off on his horse when Chu Xian stopped him with a question.


“What do you mean? You know how to protect the body of the Empress without ice?” Getting such a large quantity of ice in Dongling wasn’t easy, and it would be best if he could find another method.


Pei Qianhao glanced at him and answered, “It’s to bury her. Don’t you know that her soul will be trapped in the living realm and turn into a lonely ghost, unable to reincarnate, if you forcefully keep her body by your side like this?”


Pei Qianhao then cracked his horse whip and rode off.


Chu Xian smirked at him as he left. When did Prince Hao learn to speak about the occult? Unable to reincarnate and turning into a lonely ghost? Nonsense!


His eyelids twitched suddenly, followed by him looking around. Is Chao Mu’s soul really trapped in the living realm because I have not buried her? If so, does that mean that Chao Mu is watching me?


Chu Xian’s smirk turned into a warm smile at the thought, one that came from the bottom of his heart. It had been a long time since he had smiled like this, but it quickly disappeared as his expression darkened.


Tan Ge, where do you plan to go? To the Western Region? With how many people you’ve offended, death awaits you wherever you may be. Whether it’s Prince Hao or the Western Region King, neither will let you off.


Tan Ge had already left the palace, and was currently traveling towards the suburbs in the horse carriage. Upon arrival, she quickly alighted and knocked out the guard who was driving.


She then grabbed her belongings and made a deal with the wife of a farmer in a tiny village she found, exchanging her purple outfit with the villager’s coarse clothes.


The wife of the farmer thought Tan Ge was the daughter of a rich family who had snuck out for some fun. She was hesitant to agree at first, but was eventually won over by the purple dress, allowing Tan Ge to exchange outfits.


After getting some dry rations from the village, Tan Ge left hurriedly on a bullock cart to head for the port. Despite now being dressed as a villager, her fists clenched as she thought of the quickly approaching palace guards. Taking it a step further, she hid inside a pile of hay while dabbing some ash on her cheeks to make her disguise even more believable. To top things off, her face was covered by a veil that was usually used for married women.


I have to leave Dongling and return to the Western Region as soon as I can. Du Ling will never expect for me to return ahead of him, so I need to convince the Grand Empress Dowager, as well as muster the support of the left faction to throw the court into chaos.


Though she was afraid of dying and being tortured, Tan Ge promised herself not to go down without a fight.


Without Pei Qianhao around, Xie Yun wouldn't stand a chance against the cruel Situ Li.


Tan Ge alighted the bullock cart once they arrived at a small town and hired a horse carriage to continue her journey. She was in a rush to avoid the palace guards, afraid that they would catch up.


In her planning however, she forgot to consider one more individual. Just as she was boarding a boat, she spotted a man dressed in blue robes who covered half his face with a veil. Despite only being able to see his eyes, she could easily tell who it was.

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