However, when he walked into the main hall, there was no one to be seen. His expression immediately became solemn as he entered the inner room and found a person deep asleep on the bed.


Chu Xian snorted. To think that she’s not worried about her imminent demise, even able to fall asleep!


However, once he walked closer and lifted the quilt, he was shocked to find that the woman on the bed was Dignified Consort Liu!


It just happened to be that Dignified Consort Liu was waking up at that moment, groaning a bit before she saw Chu Xian. In her moment of grogginess, she mistook it as a dream and coquettishly cooed, “Your Majesty, you’re here. This consort has waited for you for a very long time.”


With Chu Xian as close as he was, she managed to hook her arms around his neck. A glint of ruthlessness flickered in his eyes as he grabbed her with his right hand and flung her to the ground.


The sharp pain emanating from her limbs jerked Dignified Consort Liu awake. Only upon seeing Chu Xian right before her eyes did she realise that she hadn’t been dreaming.


His Majesty is really here!


Dignified Consort Liu was still in a confused state, unable to process what was going on, but understanding that Chu Xian was upset.


She immediately got up from the ground and bowed. “This Consort pays her respects to Your Majesty.”


Chu Xian looked at her coldly. “Dignified Consort Liu, you like purple dresses the most, almost wearing them every day, but why are you dressed in red today?”


Dignified Consort Liu was caught off guard. 


All of my dresses are purple, and I wore purple today too. When did it become red?


Looking at her dress, the colour immediately drained from her face as her memories began to pour in, reminding her of the woman with a harsh aura.


I’m not in my own repose palace; I was knocked out by a woman who swapped dresses with me!


Peeping at Chu Xian, she could sense from his eyes that he wished he could kill her.


Dignified Consort Liu immediately knelt down. “Your Majesty, this Consort heard that you brought a woman into the palace, so I came to take a look. I didn’t expect that the woman would knock out this Consort and even take my dress…”


Before she could finish, she felt an acute pain in her abdomen as a leg brutally impacted it, causing her to yelp as she fell to the ground.


“From today onwards, you’re no longer Dignified Consort Liu. You will be banished to the Cold Palace. As for the position of the Empress, your Liu Family shouldn’t even dream of getting it.” Chu Xian didn’t spare her a single glance as he walked out of the repose palace.


Dignified Consort Liu’s eyes widened. She trembled as she remained sprawled out on the floor. 


He wants to banish me to the Cold Palace! But I’m the main eldest daughter of the Liu Family! What does he take the Liu Family for?! If it hadn’t been for us, how could he, a sorry imperial prince, have been able to deal with Chu Linglong and claim the throne?!


Not long after Chu Xian left, a guard from the northwest gate came to report. “Your Majesty, Dignified Consort Liu left the palace an hour ago. However, as you have previously instructed that Dignified Consort Liu can leave the palace whenever she likes, this subordinate didn’t block her.”


Chu Xian knitted his brow. The person who left the palace is Tan Ge.


His face darkened. “Chase after her!”


The guard was stunned. Dignified Consort Liu has never received the imperial favour; His Majesty didn’t care about her at all. Yet, now that she has gone out of the palace in a fit, His Majesty wants to get her back? 


Noticing Chu Xian’s stormy expression, the guard knew better than to question him, and immediately left.


Inside the repose palace, Dignified Consort Liu finally internalised everything and ran out when her abdomen stopped hurting. “Your Majesty, this Consort was in the wrong. Please don’t banish me to the Cold Palace!”


The guard happened to hear her cries and shuddered. 


I’m doomed! The woman who left the palace wasn’t Dignified Consort Liu! 


The guard cracked his whip as he urged the carriage on faster. I have to send more people to pursue the woman who left!


Chu Xian clenched his fists, still staring into the distance as Pei Qianhao arrived on horseback and dismounted beside him.


Seeing Pei Qianhao, Chu Xian recalled the deal between himself and Shi Mo.

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