On the night of the Winter Solstice, I had left the palace to carry out some matters under the guise of going to the Imperial Physician Institute. I knew that I needed to leave Beimin’s imperial palace for Dongling, and had planned to set off with Chao Mu seven days after the Winter Solstice.


However, I didn’t expect that something would happen to her on the night I wasn’t around! A cup of poisonous water took her life, and from then on, I never again heard the constant chatter that I had gotten used to.


Habit is a scary illness; once you get infected, it’s practically incurable. Just a single slipup can result in you going mad.


Chu Xian tightly hugged Chao Mu.


I have to find ice and protect her again. 


When he walked to Pei Qianhao’s side and saw him embracing Su Xi-er, there was a change in his gaze as he instructed the Imperial Army Commander. “Look after Prince Hao and the Western Region King, and summon an imperial physician to treat Princess Consort Hao.” However, there was a noticeable undertone when he said, ‘look after’. With that, he walked off.


Su Xi-er tugged at Pei Qianhao’s sleeve. “Don’t get rough with Shu Xian. He’s not a bad person; he’s just not in the right mind.” Shu Xian said to look after us, but what he really wants is to confine us in Dongling’s imperial palace.


The Imperial Army Commander respectfully said, “Prince Hao, Western Region King, please follow this subordinate.”


A horse carriage awaited outside the repose palace, and Pei Qianhao carried Su Xi-er on while Du Ling mounted the horse.


It took half an hour before they arrived at the repose palace they were to stay at. With how large Dongling’s imperial palace was, all buildings besides those used for official business were situated far apart, thus, the need for horse carriages.


Du Ling went to boil some water, something else he had never done before, but nonetheless, he had done all of this willingly.


By the time an imperial physician arrived, Su Xi-er’s body was already wiped clean. A palace maid had already brought a brand new dress, and Pei Qianhao personally helped Su Xi-er change into it.


Having recovered a bit of her strength, Su Xi-er looked at the imperial physician that was taking her pulse. She then looked towards Pei Qianhao and Du Ling.


One is my husband, while the other is my elder brother; but the one thing they both have in common is the concern in their eyes.


Warmth spread throughout her heart.


The injury I have is nothing.


The imperial physician furrowed his brow and retracted his hand before turning to Pei Qianhao. “Prince Hao, could we have a word outside?”


Su Xi-er’s heart tightened. What is there that cannot be said here? She really wanted to ask the imperial physician to speak in her presence, but in the end, she only watched as the imperial physician and Pei Qianhao walked out.


“Younger Sister, Dongling has a rule that all imperial physicians have to report their diagnosis outside the room.” Du Ling sat at the edge of the bed, the coldness dissipating from his eyes. 


It was his first time lying.


Su Xi-er nodded and reached out her hand from beneath the quilt to grasp Du Ling’s.


Her hand is so cold. Du Ling couldn’t help but squeeze her hand. Looking at her face that was similar to his mother’s, he could feel warmth swirling in his heart.


“Younger Sister, your Elder Brother has already caressed you when you were in Queen Mother’s womb. I have stated in the presence of Imperial Grandmother and Queen Mother that I would ensure a life free of worries for you. However, I didn’t expect the inner conflict that broke out in the royal court. For the sake of King Father and you, she fled.” Du Ling calmly recounted the past while Su Xi-er listened quietly.


After some time, Du Ling mentioned Tan Ge. “She stole your jade pendant and won Imperial Grandmother over. I want to bring her to the royal court and punish her according to the law.”

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