More guards tried to put out the blazing fire from the outside, while the Royal Army Commander rushed in after his emperor. Nothing must happen to His Majesty! He can’t get hurt because of a mere dead woman!


A cold glint flickered across Pei Qianhao’s eyes. I’ll be sure to destroy Dongling if anything happens to Su Xi-er!


Pei Qianhao was the one to kick the door down as the three of men reached the icy chamber. However, nobody was inside.


Chu Xian staggered in. “Chao Mu, where’s Chao Mu?!”


Du Ling remained calm as he spoke, “Younger Sister must already be safe outside; let’s go look for her!” He then pulled Pei Qianhao out of the room with him.


The fire made it extremely dangerous in the compound, but Pei Qianhao and Du Ling were able to skillfully dodge the falling beams and pillars as they escaped, allowing them to come out unscathed save for some soot on their faces.


Su Xi-er was lying on the ground in a garden that was behind the compound and looking at Chao Mu’s body beside her. She had spared no effort in dragging her body out with her, and by the time the guards had arrived, she had already exited via the back door.


Of course, this naturally led to nobody knowing that she had escaped, and with her strength gone, she passed out on the ground.


When she woke up, she could see the heavy black smoke, as well as hear the sound of people trying to put out the fire. Attempting to prop herself up, she fell back when her arms buckled, having suffered some burns from the fire.


She turned to look at Chao Mu’s body. Chao Mu looked peaceful, but her make-up was in a mess, and without the ice to preserve her, strands of her hair had begun to fall out in the wind. Her pallid skin, dark spots, and quickly deteriorating hair were clear signs of rot; the body wouldn’t last much longer.


“Chao Mu, Shu Xian did not put you to rest properly. I’ll persuade him to bury you. You’ll be able to live freely when you’ve reincarnated.” Su Xi-er spoke in a hoarse voice.


Anxiety and happiness both assailed Pei Qianhao when he spotted a woman in a red dress behind the compound. Not wasting a second, he immediately took Su Xi-er into his arms.


“Xi-er.” He called out to her when he saw her burned arms, and she nodded to show that she was fine.


Pain flashed in Du Ling’s eyes. I’ve finally found my sister, but I let her get hurt like this!


“A-Jing, Chao Mu, Chao Mu...” Su Xi-er spoke with effort as she turned to Chao Mu’s body. “Her body… Before it gets buried, make sure to protect it well.”


Pei Qianhao nodded profusely as he carried her up in his arms. “Let’s treat your injuries first.”


A flash of yellow appeared in front of them at this moment, revealing Chu Xian rushing over to Chao Mu’s body. However, the moment he touched her, strands of hair appeared all over his hand.


Chao Mu’s hair continued to fall, and the mess made by the make-up meant to conceal the signs of death on her body were currently doing the exact opposite.


“No, no!” Chu Xian’s eyes turned red with sorrow as he cried out towards the sky.


The Royal Army Commander rushed forward. “Your Majesty, the Empress is dead. You can’t keep her like this. This subordinate is pleading for you to bury her as soon as possible!”


“She isn’t dead! She’s fine! She just can’t talk and laugh, that’s all!” Chu Xian hugged Chao Mu’s body tightly like a madman.


He had fallen in love with Chao Mu the day he entered the imperial library of Beimin. He loved her cheery smile and bright eyes, and they had slowly become a beacon of light for his bleak heart. It was just that… she had never gotten to know how he felt.

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