After she had been sipping tea for a while, Su Xi-er was greeted by a guard bringing some snacks and a bowl of nourishing soup. She was touched as she saw the bowl of white fungus lotus seed soup. 


Though Shu Xian is now emperor, as well as being convinced that I am partly to blame for Chao Mu’s death, he still had his subordinates bring me this bowl of soup.


“Miss, this subordinate will wait outside. Please come with me after you have finished. His Majesty has instructed for you to keep somebody company.”


Su Xi-er nodded at this. He must be referring to Chao Mu. I’ll have to return to that icy room, but I owe her this much.


She felt herself warm up after the bowl of soup, and the guard soon came in to clear away the dishes. He then raised a hand and gestured for her to follow. “Miss, you may leave.”


Su Xi-er walked out and boarded a horse carriage, realising that there was a banquet going on in one of the other palace halls as she spotted maidservants diligently lining up dishes.


Inside the banquet hall, Chu Xian raised his wine cup and smiled. “It is Dongling’s honour to welcome Prince Hao of Beimin and the King of the Western Region. Let me offer a toast to the both of you.” He then emptied the contents of his cup in a single gulp.


It was customary for guests to return the toast when the host offered one. However, Pei Qianhao and Du Ling did didn’t move an inch, even when Chu Xian set his cup on the table.


The atmosphere instantly grew awkward. All the maidservants and guards seemed to hold their breath as they observed the tense situation. Prince Hao and the Western Region King have no respect for our Emperor!


Pei Qianhao looked at Chu Xian and scoffed. “This Prince has already brought Tan Ge here. When are you going to return my princess consort?”


The audience was shocked to hear this. What?! Princess Consort Hao was abducted into the palace? When did that happen?


Chu Xian smirked and gave a sidelong glance to the commander of his imperial army guards. Shortly after, everyone else left, leaving only the three men behind.


“I’ve taken care of Princess Consort Hao, so there is no need for Prince Hao to worry. She’s currently keeping the Empress company.” Chu Xian spoke calmly as he refilled and sipped from his own cup.


Du Ling’s eyes narrowed. “I’ve never heard about you conferring an empress.”


“Do I need to give the two of you a report when I confer my empress?” Chu Xian’s gaze darkened when he put down his winecup and looked straight at Du Ling.


A dangerous glint flickered in Pei Qianhao’s eyes. “The empress you’re talking about is already dead.”


Hearing this, Chu Xian’s eyes narrowed as his fists tightened. To me, Chao Mu is still alive. She is made up nicely and waiting for me on her bed.


Being from the Western Region, Du Ling hated beating around the bush. He stood up and said, “Where’s my sister? I’ll get my soldiers to stomp all over Dongling if you don’t hand her over.” He spoke in a low and dangerous tone.


Chu Xian glanced up at him as his expression relaxed. “You talk big. Dongling’s land is vast, and we have many elite troops. Your soldiers might be great combatants, but are you sure you have the ability to stomp all over Dongling? As the King of the Western Region, you’re rather impulsive to do all this for a mere woman.”

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