Chao Mu is already dead, yet she has suddenly appeared before me. 


Even though it was just a painting, the fright Tan Ge received was visible.


Tan Ge’s body shook as she raised her right hand to squeeze her chest. After some time, she muttered, “I’m sorry, Chao Mu. I didn’t want to kill you. Why did you have to enter Su Xi-er’s room? Why did you have to drink her water?”


She kept her head lowered, not daring to look at Chao Mu’s portrait.


While still wallowing in self-reproach, she heard the sharp voice of a woman. “His Majesty has brought two women into the palace in a row. This Consort wants to see who exactly they are.”


Tan Ge’s eyes turned cold for a moment before they returned to normal. Turning around, she saw a woman dressed in a purple dress entering the main hall. She wore a silver buyao[1], and her eyes were filled with a harsh disdain.


“The woman who entered the palace previously was heavily guarded, so this Consort didn’t get a chance to see her. But who knew that another would come? Ha, her looks aren’t bad.” The woman was haughty as she carefully sized Tan Ge up.


At the same time, Tan Ge was also inspecting the other party, quickly concluding that the woman was from the imperial harem. 


Shu Xian hasn’t come of age, so he shouldn’t be taking in consorts yet according to the customs. That means that this woman likely doesn’t have a very high status.


“You dare to look at this Consort in such a manner?! Do you know that when His Majesty comes of age, he will confer this Consort the title of Empress?!” The woman coldly sneered, thinking to herself that she had to display her strength to scare Tan Ge.


Tan Ge indifferently replied, “I have no interest in HIs Majesty; you don’t have to worry about me competing with you. Since you’re currently not the empress, what’s your status?”


Hearing the word ‘status’, the woman’s brow scrunched up as she raised her hand and gave Tan Ge a powerful slap. “Are you someone who can ask about this Consort’s status?”


Tan Ge could have avoided the slap, but chose to take it. “I was simply asking, why do you have to get angry? Rather than guarding against me, you should guard against the other woman who entered the palace. “


If my guess is right, the other woman must be Su Xi-er!


Suddenly, a palace maid came in frantically. “Dignified Consort[2] Liu, please quickly return to the palace. His Majesty has forbidden anyone to come here; please don’t anger him.”


There was a change in the woman’s expression as she raised her hand, planning to give Tan Ge another slap.


However, Tan Ge dodged to the side this time. “So you are a Dignified Consort; that’s far from the title of an Empress.” She then swiftly moved to the palace maid’s back and knocked her out.


Dignified Consort Liu’s eyes widened. The woman who I just slapped actually has such good combat skills!


“What are you trying to do?” Dignified Consort Liu kept stepping backwards, raising her right hand to point at Tan Ge.


“I won’t snatch His Majesty from you; just tell me how to get out of the palace without anyone noticing.” Tan Ge walked towards her with eyes glinting with coldness.


Dignified Consort Liu wasa daughter from an eminent family who often stayed in her boudoir, resulting in her spoiled character and lack of combat skills. Tan Ge’s current appearance naturally scared her.


Cracking under Tan Ge’s pressure, Dignified Consort Liu honestly blurted out, “The palace gate at the northwest corner! After 11pm, there will be no one guarding it. However, you’ll have to go through a large open meadow in order to reach it.”


Tan Ge carefully pondered for a while before looking at Dignified Consort Liu and knocking her out. Swapping clothes with the now unconscious woman, she then dragged the latter into the inner chamber.


Immediately after, she tied up her hair the same way that Dignified Consort Liu did, ensuring that anyone who saw her from behind would mistake her for her victim.


Now, I have to wait until it’s dark and find an opportunity to escape.




Meanwhile, in another palace hall, Su Xi-er was sitting at the upper seat in the main hall while casually drinking a cup of tea. She knew that Pei Qianhao and Du Ling would come.


I don’t know what exactly Shi Mo wants, but I can’t shake off the feeling that we’ve all fallen into his scheme.

1. A type of dangling hair ornament.

2. ’Zhaoyi’ is a title and rank of an imperial consort.

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