The horse carriage procession gradually faded into the distance as it headed for the imperial palace.


Not long after, a man in cyan clothes appeared, a devilish smile forming at his lips.


Everything is within my grasp. All that’s left is to see how Tan Ge performs. If she fails, I can only resort to a crueler method.


A moment later, Shi Mo swiftly left, leaving the streets empty again.


As the carriage travelled towards the imperial palace, Tan Ge’s heart pounded with anxiety with every clop of the horse’s hooves.


Why are Pei Qianhao and Du Ling bringing me to Dongling’s imperial palace? Do they know that Dongling’s new emperor wants me? Even if that’s the case, why are they using me to exchange for Su Xi-er?


Her brows furrowed as she thought about it more, only becoming more confused.


The carriage sped up, and they soon entered the imperial palace. Tan Ge lifted the curtains slightly and noticed that Pei Qianhao and Du Ling had already dismounted their horses, and were currently following a guard in another direction. 


Dongling’s new emperor was just here, but where is he now?


Despite her confusion, Tan Ge suddenly made eye contact with a handsome man clad in dragon robes when she turned her head.


This is...Dongling’s new emperor?!


Tan Ge’s heart leapt in shock. 


Why does Dongling’s new emperor look so much like Shu Xian?!


His cold and emotionless eyes gave Tan Ge the shivers. 


He didn’t ask for me because he took a fancy to me! That man who abducted me lied!


Tan Ge clenched her fists as her heart furiously palpitated. The carriage was already moving in another direction, leaving only the sounds of the wheels rotating in her ears.


For a long time, Tan Ge’s heart just couldn’t calm down. After Shu Xian and Chao Mu went missing, an entire search party went out after them. Any ordinary person would’ve been found. The fact that they managed to evade capture means that the person I saw just now has to be Shu Xian!


Tan Ge’s anxiety was exacerbated once more. Shu Xian surely knows that I poisoned the water and indirectly caused Chao Mu’s death. Considering Shu Xian’s feelings for Chao Mu, there’s only one reason why he would ask for me. Once I fall into his hands, only my tragic death awaits!


Tan Ge tightened her fists. What should I do?! I must escape! Even though I’ve never had a hostile exchange with Shu Xian, my intuition tells me that he’s even crueler than Xie Yun while torturing others. I don’t want to experience such despair again!


While she was immersed in her misery, the carriage stopped, and the guard’s voice could be heard. “Miss, we have arrived.”


Tan Ge shuddered. She bit her lip and reminded herself to keep calm and composed.


“Miss, we have arrived. Please alight.” The guard called out again.


“Mmm, I will.” Tan Ge softly replied before holding the frame of the carriage to help her down.


Turning her head, a palace hall instantly entered her eyes. They were at a remote location surrounded by nothing but trees.


Following the guard, Tan Ge entered the palace hall, but there was no one inside. The door to the main hall was already open, revealing the simplistic decorations inside.


Noticing a portrait on the wall, it wasn’t until she took a closer look that she screamed in fright.


This...this is...Chao Mu’s portrait!

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