“What shall we do then? I’d like you to accompany Chao Mu for a few more days.” Chu Xian spoke coldly as he gave her a once over. “You don’t have to keep her company tonight, since you look like you’re about to freeze to death.”


He then led Su Xi-er out into the courtyard and instructed the guards to take her to another palace hall.


Chu Xian made a seemingly casual comment before Su Xi-er was taken away. “Tan Ge is with Prince Hao now, but he doesn’t know that you’re here.”


“You’re planning to kill me?” Su Xi-er stopped in her tracks as she asked.


The time he spent in the Imperial Library flashed past Chu Xian’s mind. He hated the fact that Chao Mu became the scapegoat, and he hated Su Xi-er for being so careless on that fateful day. But no matter what, I shouldn’t push all the blame to Su Xi-er. She is only a woman.


Women shouldn’t be implicated by conflicts between men.


“Don’t worry, this Emperor won’t do anything to you. Just wait for a few days; I’ll send you back to Prince Hao after I kill Tan Ge.”


At this, Su Xi-er remained silent and left with the guard.


Chu Xian stood in the courtyard for a while, but before he could return to that icy room, one of the guards rushed up to him with a small note. Chu Xian scoffed as he read it. Shi Mo sent Su Xi-er here and sent Tan Ge to Pei Qianhao.


Judging from Pei Qianhao and Du Ling’s methods, it is unlikely for Tan Ge to survive for long. This won’t do. I have to torture and kill Tan Ge with my own hands.


He then spoke with a wave of his hand, “Prepare the carriage. I’m going to invite Prince Hao and the Western Region King here.”


The guard was surprised at this. Prince Hao and the Western Region King were in Dongling? There was no news about this at all!


“Move it.”


The guard left immediately, and before long, a carriage was prepared.




In the meantime, Tan Ge was in another horse carriage that was surrounded by Beimin’s soldiers. Great, Shi Mo, you sent me to Pei Qianhao and Du Ling! Both of them are my enemies. How am I going to get away?!


Tan Ge bit her lip, and she was reminded of the hairpin Shi Mo gave to her. A vicious glint flashed in her eyes. So this is what Shi Mo meant. When up against someone of the opposite gender, even the most formidable man would let their guard down out of overconfidence. 


A glimmer of hope appeared in her eyes as she began to plot her escape. Shi Mo wants to make use of me to deal with Pei Qianhao and Du Ling, and would be satisfied as long as someone was hurt.


As for the carriage in question, it was on its way to the Dongling Palace.


There was an air of nobility around Du Ling and Pei Qianhao as they rode on their horses, causing the commoners who passed to catch their breaths and watch in awe.


They were met with a horse carriage from the Dongling Palace when they were three kilometres away from their destination.


Tan Ge panicked when the carriage stopped, lifting the curtains in an attempt to see what was going on outside.


She could hear the voices of Pei Qianhao, Du Ling, and the voice of Dongling’s new emperor!


What Shi Mo told her resurfaced itself in her mind. I don’t know why Dongling’s new emperor wants you. “Perhaps he has taken a liking to you. You just have to use your body and seduce him.”


Tan Ge clenched her fists. Something fishy is going on here. Is Su Xi-er in the hands of Dongling’s new emperor? Is Pei Qianhao going to exchange me for Su Xi-er then? But there’s nothing in this for Shi Mo.


Everything seemed to be a huge, unsolvable riddle for Tan Ge, her fear and apprehension only growing as time went on. She thought about jumping off the carriage and escaping, but it was too late once the carriage started moving again. All she could do was listen to the sound of galloping hooves.

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