Lying on the stone bed, she was clad in a long red dress, and her hair bun was immaculately held together with an exquisite golden buyao[1] pinned in her bun.


Su Xi-er subconsciously walked forward. From afar, it appeared as if Chao Mu was still alive. It was only when she went closer did despair wash over her. 


Chao Mu is dead.


Chu Xian only kept her body. Her complexion is pale, and her lips have lost their rosy red colour. Looking below her eyes… you can clearly make out the rotting black color of death in her skin.


Chu Xian walked to a dressing table at the side and opened the drawer, taking out a box of superior rogue. He walked to Chao Mu and carefully applied it over her face, the darkness in his eyes slowly replaced by a gentle warmth. He was extremely careful with his actions, afraid that he would mess up Chao Mu’s makeup.


Under Chu Xian’s familiar movements the black tone below Chao Mu’s eyes was gradually covered by the pink rogue. 


After everything was done, Chu Xian stowed away the box of rogue and walked to Chao Mu’s side again, patting her face. “Chao Mu, Su Xi-er is here. Didn’t you always like to stick to her? Wasn’t she the person you cared about a lot? Now that she has come to see you, can you open your eyes and look at her?”


His tone was extremely gentle, but all of his calls went unheard as Chao Mu stayed motionless. She was dead, yet her body was forcefully preserved.


Su Xi-er watched as Chu Xian’s eyes frosted over; by the time he turned back around, the previous dark and haunted look had already returned.


“Su Xi-er, you shouldn’t have promised Chao Mu to go to the kitchen to get the jiaozi together; you shouldn’t have let her enter your room; and most importantly, you shouldn’t have left your room. You should have been the one to drink that water.” Chu Xian spoke in a low and calm voice, slowly approaching her as each word left his mouth.


He was listing out her misdeeds one by one. Su XI-er had been deeply saddened by the news of Chao Mu’s death, and was still thinking about it now.


“Shu Xian, I was careless that day.”


“Careless?!” Shu Xian laughed. “I had planned to take her out of the palace and come to Dongling together when the time was right. And I did, but I will never again hear her chattering beside me. After always listening to her talk all day, my heart can’t accept this sudden quietness.”


“I am sorry for Chao Mu’s death.” Guilt appeared on Su Xi-er’s countenance, and she grew even more sorrowful when she looked at Chao Mu’s rosy face. However, the dead should rest in peace. Chu Xian shouldn’t use such methods to keep Chao Mu behind.


“No, she isn’t dead; she’s only asleep.” Chu Xian instantly denied. He then walked towards Chao Mu and bent down to caress her face.


Su Xi-er watched him quietly. When enough time has passed, he will come to his senses and properly bury Chao Mu.


It was unclear how long Su Xi-er stayed there, but she wrapped her arms around herself as she began to feel cold.


Chu Xian turned his head to look at her. “You are afraid of the cold, but I want you to accompany Chao Mu.” He then looked towards Chao Mu. “I have to attend to court matters, so I’ll leave Su Xi-er here to keep you company. When I’m done, I’ll come to see you as soon as possible.”


He stood up and walked to Su Xi-er. “No matter how cold it is, you should stay with her. Chao Mu likes to stick to you the most.”


Su Xi-er looked at him and called out before he walked out. “I will keep her company, but bring me a thick cloak.”


Ice is preserving Chao Mu’s body, so I can’t ask for a heater, only a cloak.


“You shall stay here and bear the cold. Chao Mu isn’t scared, why should you be?” Chu Xian sneered and walked out.


After the door closed, Su Xi-er hugged herself and stared at Chao Mu’s unmoving body.

1. A type of dangling hair ornament. It looks something like this.

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