“Miss, walk faster.” The man leading them forward couldn’t help but urge.


Su Xi-er stayed silent. Now that I am in Dongling, I’m in Shi Mo’s territory; the tiger’s den is right before my eyes.


Soon, the two boarded the horse carriage, and the driver immediately cracked the horse whip. Dongling was unlike Nanzhao in that its roads were more even, and there were fewer civilians. This was typical for nations with a vast territory, but sparse population. After traveling for about half an hour, the number of pedestrians had already thinned out greatly.


Su Xi-er lifted the curtains and saw that grassland surrounded them from both sides. On the other hand, Tan Ge sat at one side quietly, running her fingers over the hairpin from time to time.




Five kilometres away from the pier, another horse carriage stopped at a simple teahouse that currently had no civilians inside. A man wearing black and red robes alighted the carriage. Red thread was embroidered on the hem of his sleeves, as well as his waist, and a green jade with a fretwork design was hung from his belt. With his tall stature, the man appeared quite dashing.


When the man entered the teahouse, the manager immediately came forth. “Patron, may I ask if you have come here…”


Before he could finish, a guard carrying a sword stepped forward. “Someone’s invitation.”


Immediately afterwards, a man clad in coarse clothes walked down from the second floor and deferentially came forward. “Sir, Master has been waiting for a long time; please follow this subordinate.”


The man in black and red didn’t speak as he headed for the second floor while his guards remained on the first floor.


“Sir, please.” The room door was opened and immediately closed as the man walked in.


Shi Mo was drinking in the private room when he looked at the person who had arrived. The former put down his winecup and stood up, preparing to bow, but the other person spoke before he could do so.


“Where is the person this Emperor wants?” The man’s face was solemn, and his fingers clenched into a fist before relaxing under his sleeves.


Shi Mo replied in a low voice. “Dongling’s new emperor, you have helped me so much. It’s rare for you to long for a woman; I naturally have brought her to Dongling.”


“Where’s the person then?” A vague trace of ire could be sensed in the man’s voice.


“Your Majesty, don’t be impatient. Prince Hao of Beimin and the King of the Western Region have also come.” Shi Mo then sat down, casually pouring a cup of wine. “Your Majesty, have a seat and drink a cup of wine to calm your mood.”


The man coldly snorted and flung his sleeves before sitting down. “This Emperor only wants one person, but what’s your motive behind bringing Pei Qianhao and Du Ling too?”


Shi Mo put the cup that was filled with wine in front of the man. “I will naturally give you the person you want, but the person with her is Princess Consort Hao. Do you want her?”


Upon hearing the words ‘Princess Consort Hao’, the man froze for a moment. “No wonder Prince Hao came too. This Emperor never snatches another’s wife.” He took the cup before him and downed its contents.


Shi Mo chuckled. “Since you don’t want her, I’ll keep her then. Don’t call me selfish for not offering you the beauty when the time comes.”


“This Emperor has no interest in Princess Consort Hao. If you continue with your meaningless words, there is no need for any more collaboration between us.”


“Your Majesty, you should hold your temper in check.” Shi Mo took out a note and passed it to him. “The person you want is here.”


The man glanced at the address and stood up, immediately leaving the private room without a single word.


The corners of Shi Mo’s mouth curled up. This is so interesting. Handing Princess Consort Hao to Dongling’s new emperor and Tan Ge to Pei Qianhao. Although Dongling’s new emperor is tactful and resourceful, he becomes impatient and reckless when it comes to Tan Ge.


However, when that time comes, this will no longer be my business. I’ll be able to sit back and benefit as a third party.


Shi Mo’s smile deepened, a glint flickering in his eyes that were covered by his wide hat. I have waited for this moment for a very long time.


A half-faced man only exists in play scripts. No one is born a half-faced man. I used to have a gentle and handsome visage, yet I have ended up like this.

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