There was an imperceptible change in Tan Ge’s expression. He had already predicted that she would have kept the packet in her sleeves instead of under the pillow, as well as the fact that she had lost it.


“Guess it’s not.” Shi Mo then took out an intricate hairpin and continued in that raspy voice of his. “The top of the hairpin can rotate and shoot poisonous needles. The victim will fall unconscious immediately. The first strike will cause the victim to go deaf and mute, the second will cause blindness, and the third will be the fatal strike.”


Tan Ge looked at the hairpin that was now on the table. How vicious. He’s asking me to use this on Su Xi-er? I’d drug her if I still had that packet with me, since it’s just powder that will induce memory loss, but she saved my life yesterday; how can I be as cruel as to use this poisonous hairpin on her?


Sensing the conflict within Tan Ge, Shi Mo said, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I’m not asking you to use this on Su Xi-er. There are many other targets; but be warned, there are only three needles. Use it sparingly.”


Tan Ge’s eyes flashed at this. Other targets? She reached for the hairpin, but stopped halfway. “What do you want me to do?” She knew there would be a price for this.


“What do I want you to do? Hah, don’t you like to make use of your own body? Since the new emperor of Dongling says he wants you, I’ll make sure to send you to him.” Shi Mo answered in a steady voice as he thought to himself, Although he’s young, Dongling’s new emperor is extremely vicious.


He knew that Dongling’s new emperor wanted Tan Ge not because he liked her, but because he hated her to the core. Of course, Shi Mo did not reveal the truth to her at this point. He wanted to see how she would try to escape and return to the Western Region.


In fact, he was even willing to help her.This was the fundamental difference between him and Situ Li. Situ Li wanted Beimin to fall into chaos, but Shi Mo wanted the whole world to fall into chaos, and for Pei Qianhao’s beloved Beimin to get destroyed in the process.


Tan Ge sighed inwardly to herself. “Dongling’s new emperor asked for me? I don’t know him.”


“I don’t know why he wants you either. Perhaps you’ve met in the past and seduced him; either way, you can simply use the same tricks you did with the Western Region’s left faction leader.” Shi Mo answered calmly and seriously, and Tan Ge did not find anything amiss.


A tiny glimmer of hope began to blossom in Tan Ge’s heart. If I have Dongling’s new emperor wrapped around my finger, I won’t need to be afraid of Pei Qianhao and Du Ling anymore. I would simply have to kill Du Ling in Dongling before returning to the Western Region to take his power.


At that point, I would be the most powerful individual in the Western Region, with a support base in Dongling to boot. That would be splendid!


A slight smile appeared on Tan Ge’s lips as she took the hairpin. “I’ll use this well. I don’t care what your ultimate goal is, but it’s fine with me as long as Pei Qianhao and Du Ling are our common enemies.” She then put the hairpin in her sleeve and turned to leave.


Shi Mo put down his teacup and removed his hat after the door closed behind her.


Everything seems to be coming under my control now. I originally wanted to see some drama with the drug that I had given Tan Ge, but it seems the heavens were not in favor of that plan.


Shi Mo’s eyes narrowed. Pei Qianhao, the original Pei family you came from is already gone. Pei Zheng will fall from grace very soon, and everything you own and care about will be destroyed.


A memory from the past appeared in his mind. Pei Qianhao was still a young boy when he had seen Shi Mo for the first time. Instead of shock or fear, Pei Qianhao looked at him with sympathy and bewilderment.


Hmph, sympathy? I wouldn’t have ended up this way if the Pei family had felt any sympathy for me.


Shi Mo picked up his teacup again and crushed it in his right hand, mumbling to himself, “No one is my opponent, haha.”

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