A crew member gestured to Tan Ge as she arrived on deck, saying, “Master is waiting for you in a room near the bow of the boat.”


Tan Ge headed off after a quick acknowledgement, entering the room shortly after.


Shi Mo was enjoying a cup of hot tea, looking up when the door creaked open to reveal Tan Ge. Giving her a quick once over, his eyes then flicked back into place before continuing to sip on his tea.


The brazier in the corner of the room ensured that it remained warm. Meanwhile, Shi Mo was once again wrapped up completely in black, only revealing his mouth. If you looked from the side, you would be able to spot that the bridge of his nose was rather high.


Tan Ge closed the door behind her and approached him. “Since you want to make use of me, show some sincerity first. You can start by revealing your face.”


Shi Mo kicked the chair beside her away before she could take a seat.


Tan Ge raised her brows at the rather awkward atmosphere. “What’s the meaning of this? I’m leaving.”


Shi Mo spoke unhurriedly, “Only death awaits those who have seen my face. Do you still wish to see it for yourself?”


Tan Ge, who had initially turned to leave, turned back around to look at him. “That doesn’t even make sense. Anyone who sees your face has to die? Even those who caught an accidental glimpse?”


Shi Mo placed the teacup on the table with a light thud. “That’s right. You can try it for yourself if you don’t believe me.” His lips turned up in a smile before he started slowly removing his hat.


Tan Ge clenched her fists at this, crying out ‘stop!’ before he could fully reveal his face.


This man has a frigid aura that not even Xie Yun or Situ Li can match, not to mention he managed to capture Su Xi-er so easily. Even when Pei Qianhao and Du Ling worked together, he was still skillful enough to evade capture. Since I already know that I’m no match for him, I shouldn’t be taking such risks.


Shi Mo stopped and chuckled. “It’s obvious you can’t compare to Su Xi-er.” He spoke confidently, as if there was no room for argument in the statement he just made.


Everyone thinks that I can’t compare to Su Xi-er; even this man is praising her!


Tan Ge’s gaze turned cold. “I’m definitely different from her. You visited her when you wanted to speak to her, but you’ve ordered me to come over here instead. If I’m not wrong, Su Xi-er has already seen that face of yours, and you can’t bear to kill her.”


A bitter emotion welled up within Tan Ge. Why is the spotlight always on Su Xi-er? She’s beautiful, intelligent, and she even has royal blood flowing in her veins. That elegant nobility is practically innate..


All of her qualities make her attractive to the males, drawing those with extraordinary abilities to her like moths to an open flame.


Shi Mo picked up his teacup and took another sip of his tea. “You’re always competing with Su Xi-er, but you don’t seem to have won even once. Why don’t you think of a way to make her disappear instead?”


“Disappear? You’re willing to let her disappear when you can’t even bear to kill her?” Tan Ge scoffed, walking up to him with suspicion in her eyes.


Shi Mo laughed. “Is the drug still with you?”

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