Both Su Xi-er and Tan Ge continued to shiver in their soaked clothes until one of the crew members came in a while later, bringing some clean coarse clothing. “Our master asked me to bring this over; you’ll just have to make do.”


Su Xi-er took the clothing and passed a set to Tan Ge while the crew member left after bowing respectfully.


Nothing but the sound of waves could be heard in the room as Su Xi-er quickly took off her soaked outer robe, hanging it on the rack as she wrapped herself in the coarse clothing she had just received. Climbing into the bed, she tucked herself under the blankets, knowing it would be a cold night without the thick outer robe. After Su Xi-er tucked herself in, Tan Ge began taking off her outer robe slowly.


Su Xi-er tossed and turned, feeling as if she was being trapped in a block of ice. She curled up like a foetus and rubbed her hands together to try to keep warm before sleep slowly began to take her.


Tan Ge looked at Su Xi-er as she lay on the bed. She could tell that Su Xi-er was terribly afraid of the cold, surmising that she must feel terrible now after being drenched head to toe by the icy seawater.


In the meantime, a man dressed in a black robe inlaid with golden threads was standing at the bow of another vessel. The crew of said vessel was heaving a sigh of relief after the huge storm had passed.


Another tall man dressed in navy blue robes walked up to him. “The boat my younger sister is on is bound to have met with the storm. She will be fine.”


Pei Qianhao’s gaze deepened as he looked towards the horizon, his emotions boiling inside him despite his calm appearance. The vessel I’m on is large and sturdy, but how sturdy is Shi Mo’s? Could it withstand the storm? How’s Xi-er doing now?


“Younger Sister will be fine.” Even though Du Ling looked calm as he gazed at the quiet sea, his fists were clenched as well. I’ll hack that Shi Mo guy into eight pieces when we go ashore!


The both of them stood unmoving at the bow, and none of the soldiers dared to disturb them.


The night was still young, and their vessel couldn’t go any faster with the heavy fog on the surface of the sea. It was only after several hours had passed that the fog began to lift, and bits and pieces of a broken ship’s railings could be seen floating in the water. There were also some male outer robes accompanying them.


Everyone on their vessel saw them, and knew that there had been another ship that hadn’t been able to withstand the storm! Many of them looked towards the two men standing at the bow as they wondered if those floating pieces were from the boat they were pursuing.


Pei Qianhao’s eyes carefully scanned the surface of the water as his heart palpitated rapidly, spotting a flash of red. Recognising that it was a piece from a lady’s silk dress, his brows furrowed before almost immediately relaxing, realising that it did not belong to Su Xi-er.

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