“I won’t die.” Su Xi-er answered calmly. I’ve already died once. I won’t go down so easily this time, and not to a storm.


“Is that so?” Tan Ge laughed as a powerful wave rocked the boat. Having lost her balance, she almost fell into the water, but a hand reached out and grabbed her.


Tan Ge stared at Su Xi-er wide-eyed when she realised who had saved her. “You...”


After Su Xi-er steadied her, she said, “You shouldn’t die like this.”


Tan Ge’s breath hitched. Shouldn’t die like this… Then how should I die? It is an irrefutable fact that Su Xi-er had just saved her! However, that tiny drug packet was lost to the sea when it dropped out of my sleeve earlier.


Watching the ferocious waves, Tan Ge laughed in self-mockery. Are the heavens playing a joke on me? That drug that could’ve made Su Xi-er lose her memories had been in my sleeve moments ago, and I had already decided to ship her off to some nameless village and marry her to an ordinary farmer.


Why did she have to save me?! Why did the packet have to fall into the sea?!


“Ha ha ha... ” Tan Ge started cackling like an insane woman. She couldn’t stop the rush of emotions that were overwhelming her right now. She stared at Su Xi-er and almost roared at her. “Why did you have to save me?!”


Su Xi-er took a quick glance at her before moving sideways and steadying herself. She did not have the time or attention to argue with Tan Ge. If Tan Ge continues to act like this, she will be thrown into the sea by the storm eventually.


“Ha ha ha...” Tan Ge’s grip on the gunwale seemed to loosen. “You shouldn’t have saved me.” Another fearsome wave rocked the boat, and Tan Ge looked as if she was about to fall off any moment now.


Shi Mo suddenly disappeared from the helm, and he rushed to where they were just in time to pull Tan Ge back onto the boat. “You’re insane!”


He couldn’t let her die before handing her over to the new emperor of Dongling, otherwise his plans would fall apart, along with his power base there. This damned woman almost ruined my entire plan!


Shi Mo kicked the door open and pushed Tan Ge in roughly. Unsteady on her feet, she fell onto the ground and could no longer suppress her emotions as she started wretchedly weeping.


Throughout the entire storm, she continued to sob. By the time Su Xi-er came back into the room, she was greeted with a pair of red swollen eyes.


“Su Xi-er.” Tan Ge’s fists were clenched, her voice soft and laced with sorrow.


“Mmm.” Su Xi-er put the fallen rack back into place and threw a dry piece of cloth at Tan Ge. “Here.”


Su Xi-er started drying herself right after.


Instead of drying herself, Tan Ge simply stared into thin air as she sat on the floor. After sacrificing so much,I have to continue living.  I need to think of a way to return to the Western Region and trick the Grand Empress Dowager before Du Ling returns. I’ll use the military to stop Du Ling from returning!


Plus, the left faction leader doesn’t want Du Ling back either.


As these thoughts raced through her mind, she turned to look towards Su Xi-er. 


Su Xi-er seems to remain noble and pure even after having waded through muddy waters. We’re fundamentally different after all.


This is why extraordinary men fell for Su Xi-er. Even the dangerous man in black couldn't bear to kill her. 


It was at this moment that Tan Ge finally understood why Pei Qianhao chose Su Xi-er.

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