Su Xi-er narrowed her eyes and found an opportunity to kick him in the knees, delivering another kick to his abdomen as his body began to fall.


Shi Mo staggered backwards before he steadied himself, smiling as he said, “You’re wild! I love taming wild things like you! Nice!” He then turned to leave.


Back on deck, a guard addressed Shi Mo respectfully as he pointed to Tan Ge who was standing at the bow. “Master, that woman has been standing there for a while now. Is she thinking of killing herself?”


Shi Mo scoffed. “She won’t; in fact, she’ll try everything she can to stay alive.” He then made his way towards Tan Ge.


Tan Ge turned back as she heard the footsteps behind her. Seeing Shi Mo properly dressed, she laughed. “Unsuccessful? The beauty is right there, but you weren’t able to take her with your skills?”


Obvious disdain flickered in his eyes. “Taming a woman is not just about conquering their body. To think that you’ve become so shallow after going to the Western Region; is your body all you have? Not to mention that you’ve been used by so many others, I wouldn’t want you even if you gave yourself to me.”


Tan Ge pursed her lips in anger. She turned her back towards him and continued watching the sea. Used by so many others, hah! Does this man like Su Xi-er that much? I bet he’s just trying to use her to take revenge on Pei Qianhao!


“Tan Ge, upon arriving in Dongling...” A packet of powder appeared in Shi Mo’s hands.


Tan Ge looked at him. “You want me to poison Su Xi-er? No one here is your opponent; you can do it yourself.”


“If you succeed, I’ll get someone to send you to the Western Region.” Shi Mo laughed as he shook the packet in front of her like some sort of bait.


Tan Ge stared at the tiny yellow package as thoughts raced through her mind. Why ask me when he could easily do it himself? He’s just trying to make use of me like Situ Li. She then smirked as she said, “I’m not doing your dirty work for you.”


“This can cause someone to lose their memories. Think about it.” Shi Mo threw the tiny packet onto the deck before he turned to leave.


A dangerous glint flickered in his eyes as he walked away. The drug wasn’t one that would cause amnesia, but it wasn’t a health supplement either. Shi Mo was someone who liked to control everything, but he was also someone who loved a challenge. 


Whether it’s Tan Ge or Su Xi-er who ends up taking it, I wonder how things will go? Who will be the one to take the drug? How interesting.


Tan Ge kept her eyes on the tiny packet on deck, thinking about the temptation it brought. If Su Xi-er takes the drug and it causes her to lose her memories, she would forget about Pei Qianhao and her identity as the Western Region Imperial Princess. She wouldn’t have her guard up against me either!


If I can hide her in a remote village deep in the country, Su Xi-er will never remember who she is - everything will change!


Shortly after, she bent down to pick up the packet, hiding it in her sleeves. She continued looking towards the horizon calmly.


Even if Su Xi-er forgets, Pei Qianhao would definitely be able to find her. Du Ling would not give up on searching for her either.


Tan Ge’s lips curled up into a vicious smile at the thought of Du Ling. After Su Xi-er loses her memories, I’ll put her in a tiny village and make her marry some random man who can’t find a wife, maybe even some older man who’s already lost his wife. Even if Pei Qianhao and Du Ling manage to find her, she won’t be pure and clean anymore!


It’s great to be unclean! We’re all unclean, and Su Xi-er will no longer be pure! I’ll destroy her and rip apart the unfeeling faces of Pei Qianhao and Du Ling. I’ll destroy these two cruel and callous men!

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