Shi Mo gave Tan Ge a sidelong glance before he turned to look at her. “Leave,” he said in a raspy voice.


Tan Ge fidgeted and looked at Su Xi-er with obvious confusion before she stood up to leave, but she still managed to sling some barbed words before exiting. “Leaving a man and woman alone in a room... I guess that’s fine too?”


The salty sea breeze welcomed Tan Ge as she walked towards the bow on the deck. Dressed in red, she looked towards the horizon as she sank deep into her thoughts.


Shi Mo removed his hooded cloak after he and Su Xi-er were left alone, exposing his entire face to her for the second time. This time, Su Xi-er was not caught unaware.


“You seem to already have gotten used to this appearance despite only seeing it once before.” Shi Mo spoke steadily as he made his way towards the window.


Su Xi-er was calm as she answered. “I’m just adaptable.”


“That’s true.” Shi Mo spoke in that raspy voice of his as he turned to look at her. “My name is Shi Mo.”


“Rather elegant. Who would have thought that someone with such a name has superb skills?”


“Am I supposed to thank you for the compliment?”


“There’s no need.” Su Xi-er then quickly followed up with a question. “Why are you targeting the Pei family and Prince Hao? There has to be a reason for your hatred.”


Shi Mo took leisurely steps towards her, speaking in a rising tone. “Trying to sound me out? Do you think I’m enough of a fool to actually reveal everything to you?”


“Yes, I’m trying to sound you out, but you still get to decide how much you want to share.”


Shi Mo bent down to look at her. “Do you remember what I told you? Only death awaits for those who’ve seen my face. As for you...” He then raised a hand to grab her chin.


Su Xi-er turned away and got up from the bed immediately. “Keep those claws to yourself.”


“Claws?” Shi Mo laughed heartily as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world. “It’s the first time someone has described my hands as claws. You’re lucky that I’m in a good mood today, or your smart mouth wouldn’t be forgiven so easily.”


Su Xi-er stood in a corner as she continued staring at him. “I don’t think you’re here for a leisure chat, so you should stop wasting our time.”


“Did anyone tell you that a lady shouldn’t be too intelligent?” Shi Mo directed his devilish gaze at her.


When Su Xi-er did not answer, he said, “Pei Qianhao will meet his demise once he steps foot in Dongling.”


Su Xi-er remained placid as she looked at him before giving a mocking laugh. “You want to kill Prince Hao when you can’t even kill me? You’re quite ambitious.”


“Hah, to me, you’re a league above Prince Hao. It’s normal that I can’t kill you.” Shi Mo walked towards her and stared at her. “You don’t seem to be scared of me at all.”


He raised a hand in an attempt to attack her, but Su Xi-er reacted quickly. Despite this, her unfamiliarity with fighting on an unsteadily bobbing boat had her restrained rather quickly against the experienced Shi Mo.


“Beauty, you can’t win, so there’s no need to waste any more effort. Just stay here like this and wait for Pei Qianhao to die so you can be my woman.” Shi Mo’s cold voice had a hint of gleefulness to it.

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