Next, she heard Old Maidservant Li’s surprised voice. “That’s right, she just came today. What’s the matter? She didn’t know her place in the Palace Side Quarters?”


Imperial Physician Zhao shook his head. “I was just asking, it’s nothing. The Imperial Physician Institute will send medicine again tomorrow. Drink it for a day, and everything will be fine.”


Imperial Physician Zhao then left, leaving Old Maidservant Li to stare at Su Xi-er’s room. That’s strange. Why did Imperial Physician Zhao ask about Su Xi-er without rhyme or reason?


I heard that Imperial Physician Zhao had arrested Su Xi-er. Did the two have some conflict?


Old Maidservant Li was inwardly baffled, but wouldn’t take the initiative to ask Su Xi-er. I can’t get close to this palace maid. I will hide however far I can.




The next day, a piece of news spread into the imperial palaceーNanzhao’s state banquet would be conducted a month later, and Prince Hao was invited to participate.


Su Xi-er was eating breakfast in the Laundry Service Bureau when she received word of it.


A few palace maids beside her were discussing animatedly, “It’s time for Nanzhao’s state banquet. When will Beimin’s be?”


The state banquet was the day that the founding of the nation would be celebrated. In the past, the state banquet would always be held on a specific day. Only in the event of war or the death of the emperor would it be cancelled.


“Beimin will have to wait until the end of the year. The state banquet is very lively, with numerous personages of great status coming from various nations. If there’s an eldest imperial princess, she would even need to present a dance!”


“That’s right. I heard that the princess of Nanzhao who just died had an outstanding sword dance; enough to cause everyone to be envious. Sigh, it’s a pity that she died just like that.”


“Beautiful women suffer tragic fates. With her death, the one presenting the dance at Nanzhao’s state banquet this year will be the former Second Imperial Princess, right?”


While the palace maids were discussing fervently, the expression in Su Xi-er’s eyes became progressively absentminded.


The topic of the palace maid’s discussion unwittingly shifted to Nanzhao’s number one general, Yun Ruofeng.


“He’s the number one general, the most handsome man in Nanzhao. Compared to Prince Hao, I wonder who will be more handsome?” 


Suddenly, a palace maid said, “What’s the point of being handsome with how cruel and fickle he is? Although he had been so well-matched with Ning Rulan back then, he still personally shot her to death in the end!”


Everyone began to sigh. 


Only Lian Qiao discovered that there was something abnormal with Su Xi-er’s expression. She softly elbowed her and lowered her voice to ask, “What’s wrong?”


Su Xi-er immediately returned to her senses, her expression returning to normal. She turned her head to glance at Lian Qiao. “I didn’t sleep well last night. I was simply in a bit of a daze just now.”


At this moment, a palace maid suddenly asked her, “Su Xi-er, what do you think of Nanzhao’s General Yun?”


In her past lifetime, when Ning Rulan first met Yun Ruofeng, he had yet to become a general, and was an inconsequential soldier in the army.


She still remembered that night when her imperial father appeared to be rebuking her, but carried a trace of a smile in his tone. “You acted willfully today and made a scene today by running to the army barracks. Since you have gone there, tell me then, what did you learn?”


Her voice was like a pampered child as she buttered him up. “Your child saw a handsome young man.”


Indeed, the first time she met Yun Ruofeng, she felt that he was the most gentle and kind man in the world.


“Su Xi-er, I’m asking you!” The palace maid’s voice pulled her back from her thoughts.


Lian Qiao noticed that there was something amiss with Su Xi-er today, and helped her reply, “Alright, she isn’t feeling well today. Besides, it isn’t as if we servants will have much to discuss regarding Nanzhao’s matters.”


“We were just chatting. Look at Su Xi-er. She’s clearly shaken up. There’s a saying in the world, ‘The north has Prince Hao while the south has General Yun’. These two people are probably the most handsome men in the world.”


Su Xi-er immediately raised her head and looked straight at her, “Age will still claim them in the end. No matter how handsome they are, once they die, they’ll be the same pile of ashes as everyone else.”


It was as if the air had congealed. Everyone, even Lian Qiao, was looking at her in shock with wide eyes.


She even brought Prince Hao into the picture when saying such words. The implications were practically heretical!  If it ever got out that she spoke such a phrase, even her life wouldn’t be enough to repent! Yet, Su Xi-er had still said it in such a relaxed manner.


Su Xi-er glanced at them indifferently. “It’s just a fact. You don’t need to be that flabbergasted. I have finished eating. I’ll be going to wash the clothes.” She then stood up and walked towards the room door.


The other palace maids looked at Su Xi-er in a daze, still immersed in their astonishment.

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Su Xi-er immediately raised her head and looked straight at her, “Age will still claim them in the end. No matter how handsome they are, once they die, they’ll be the same pile of ashes as everyone else.” 

I can understand why the palace maids are in a daze ><