“Alright, Elder Brother.” Xie Liuli immediately pushed him out of the tent.


Zhen Yu’s pregnancy symptoms have been quite severe recently, throwing up anything she eats. Yet, the only thing Elder Brother can do is roll his wheelchair over and pat her back, making him extremely anxious.


When the two reached the entrance of the army barracks, Pei Qianhao and Du Ling were already speeding into the distance, their outer robes fluttering in the wind.


The corners of Xie Liuli’s mouth raised. “To think that Su Xi-er also had an elder brother. It’s just that I never expected her to be the Western Region’s Imperial Princess.”


“Liuli, let’s go.”


A bell-like laughter escaped from Xie Liuli’s lips. “Orders received, Commandery Prince Xie.”


Her mischievous manner reminded Xie Yun of their time as children, prompting him to play along, “No manners; what if you can’t get married?”


“So what if I can’t get married? I have an elder brother and sister-in-law; I can even take care of the young heir in the future.” Xie Liuli casually replied, though the man in blue involuntarily flashed in her mind.




Out in the sea, the boats rapidly sped forward as they rode on the waves. Only when day arrived did the surroundings cleared up and the boat could travel even faster. However, when night fell, the fog became heavy again, forcing the boat to slow down.


Inside a private room, Su Xi-er and Tan Ge had finished their meal, and they each sat on their own bed.


Tan Ge leaned against the bed pillar with her eyes closed, while Su Xi-er looked at the window, listening to the sound of the waves colliding with the boat.


Soon, the door was pushed open and Shi Mo walked in. “The two of you know each other, yet you don’t even utter a single word; women are indeed strange.”


Tan Ge suddenly opened her eyes and looked at him. “The military tally is not with me now; it’s in the Western Region.” 


How would I be silly enough to bring the military tally with me? Of course I hid it in a secret place.


“There’s no rush. The military tally is mine, and it won’t escape.” Shi Mo indifferently replied. 


Ever since Tan Ge went to the Western Region, her character has changed from being quiet to irascible. With this temper of hers, she won’t amount to anything big. Her value to Situ Li is miniscule.


However, it’s a pity that Situ Li didn’t kill Pei Qianhao. He even failed to kill Du Ling after dispatching so many soldiers disguised as mountain bandits. Tsk tsk, Situ Li’s subordinates aren’t reliable, yet he still dreams of claiming the throne? If I hadn’t abducted Su Xi-er to distract Pei Qianhao and Du Ling, Situ Li wouldn’t even have a chance to breathe.


Shi Mo sneered. Pei Qianhao and Du Ling must be chasing after me right now, which means that Situ Li’s only remaining opponent in Beimin is a crippled Xie Yun; it should be an easy victory for him.


Su Xi-er secretly observed Shi Mo’s mouth, noticing that it would curl up from time to time. It wasn’t hard for her to guess that he was in a rather good mood.


“Princess Consort Hao, oh wait, I should call you Western Region Imperial Princess instead. You’re so calm right now, aren’t you scared?” Shi Mo slowly walked towards her.


“Why should I be scared? Since you haven’t achieved your goal yet, I’m still valuable to you.” Su Xi-er replied in a composed manner.


“Not bad, calm and composed, just like in the past. Don’t worry, I can’t bear to kill you.” Shi Mo reached out his hand, planning to grab her by the chin.


However, Su Xi-er managed to dodge. “You don’t want your hand anymore?”


“What a fiery character; you’re so similar to a woman from the Western Region deep inside.” Shi Mo retracted his hand and rubbed his own chin instead.


Su Xi-er raised her eyes to look at him, speaking in a cold voice. “Considering that we have met many times, it can also be counted as a kind of fate; tell me your name.”

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