Despite searching for the whole night, Pei Qianhao and Du Ling wound up empty-handed. Glancing at each other, they had no choice but to return, sending out search parties to scour the area in their place.


Within the capital, the civilians were in a state of panic as the soldiers swept through the streets, bringing a tense and solemn atmosphere with them. Faced with this suffocating sensation, they could only hope that the soldiers would move on as soon as possible.


With the exhaustive search, it was soon found out that while there wasn’t any suspicious activity with people traveling by land, there was an abnormal number of boats headed for Dongling.


The keen Pei Qianhao instantly sensed something fishy, and was preparing to make a trip to the pier in the suburbs when a soldier from the army barracks came to report. “Prince Hao, Commandery Prince Xie is requesting to meet you; it’s regarding the matter of the Princess Consort going missing.”


Pei Qianhao’s expression grew solemn as he waved his hand, signalling for the soldier to bring Xie Yun into the tent.


Soon, Xie Yun’s wheelchair was pushed into the tent by Xie Liuli. Upon seeing the frigid countenance of Du Ling, Xie Liuli’s gaze couldn’t help but falter. Who is this person? He doesn’t look like someone from Beimin, though his cold aura is very similar to Prince Hao’s.


Xie Yun only needed one glance to deduce Du Ling’s identity, and he nodded at him to show his respect. “Western Region King, please forgive this Prince for not receiving you upon arrival in  Beimin.”


“Spare me the nonsense. What do you know about Princess Consort Hao’s disappearance?” Du Ling went straight to the point, a trace of anxiety evident in his voice.


Bewilderment flashed past Xie Liuli’s eyes. I can understand Prince Hao being worried about the Princess Consort, but why the Western Region King? What’s the relationship between him and the Princess Consort? Could it be that he and the Princess Consort had a relationship in the past?


Thinking of that possibility, Xie Liuli’s breath hitched.


It can’t be, right? If that’s really the case, how is it possible for Prince Hao and the Western Region King to calmly stay in the same tent?


Xie Yun broke the silence. “If the person who abducted her was a man in black robes with high combat skills and his face covered except his mouth, it has to be Shi Mo. This person has a strange appearance, and has a long history with the Pei Family.”


Xie Yun gave a meaningful look at Pei Qianhao. “The Pei Family in question isn’t the one you’re familiar with.”


Pei Qianhao instantly understood. The Pei Family Shi Mo bears enmity towards isn’t Pei Zheng’s, but the Pei Family he belongs to.


“Quickly take the waterway that’s headed for Dongling; the majority of his power is there. This Prince will deal with the remnants of his forces in Beimin.” Xie Yun urged.


Du Ling suddenly shot up from his chair. “To put it simply, a man called Shi Mo bears grudges against Prince Hao, which is why he has abducted this King’s younger sister as hostage to threaten Prince Hao.” He chuckled, and continued in a proud tone. “Even if this King’s younger sister grew up in Beimin and didn’t lead a good life, the unyielding spirit that emanates from the Western Region’s royal family will never disappear. Shi Mo won’t be able to make use of my younger sister.”


Xie Liuli’s eyes widened in shock as she stared straight at Du Ling. “Princess Consort your younger sister?!”


That means that the woman who made a move on Elder Brother and I in the posthouse is an imposter!


Du Ling’s cold gaze briefly swept across Xie Liuli. “That’s right.” He then walked out of the tent, intent on boarding the next boat to Dongling.


Pei Qianhao looked towards Xie Yun and muttered a few words of gratitude before following Du Ling.


“Liuli, let’s return to the residence; we shouldn’t make Zhen Yu wait for too long.” When Xie Yun mentioned Zhen Yu, a glint of joy flickered in his eyes.

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