Shi Mo also boarded the horse carriage, his gaze wandering between Su Xi-er and Tan Ge. Finally, he leaned against the side of the carriage before falling silent.


Resentment flickered past Tan Ge’s eyes. Both she and Su Xi-er were wearing red dresses, yet after fleeing through the woods, hers was covered in mud. One of them seemingly emanated a sense of nobility, while the other was a dazzling beauty.


Silence hung over the carriage until they finally arrived at a pier.


Su Xi-er chuckled. “We’re going by water? Where do you plan to go?”


“It’s not easy to be discovered; all there is around you is endless water.” Shi Mo coldly explained. 


He alighted the horse carriage and went to pass on a few instructions outside the carriage.


Su Xi-er looked towards Tan Ge. “Your tactics are impressive. How did you get to know such a dangerous man? What exchange did you make with him?”


“What could I possibly have? Haven’t you already met with Du Ling? Did he recognise you?”


Su Xi-er nodded. “Yes, we did meet.”


“Haha, I thought he was dead; to think that he survived. To answer you though, I don’t know the man who just alighted the carriage. Not only that, I don’t even have anything that’s worth others making use of me; if Du Ling sees me, I’m as good as dead.” The corners of Tan Ge’s mouth rose and her eyes darkened.


I originally planned to sneak back to the Western Region, before utilising the troops I possess, as well as the left faction’s power. However, this man in black suddenly appeared and captured me, ruining my plan!


“Should I believe you? You caused Chao Mu to die; don’t you feel guilty at night?”


Tan Ge’s gaze turned cold. “You already know that Xie Yun was threatening me back then. The person who killed Chao Mu is Xie Yun. My objective in coming back to Beimin was to kill him, yet you didn’t allow me to do so. If anything, you’re the cold-blooded one for not wanting to take revenge for Chao Mu.”


Su Xi-er watched Tan Ge quietly, prompting her to snap.


“Who are you to look at me like? Su Xi-er, you’re not fit to do so.” Tan Ge lashed out and looked away from Su Xi-er.


The curtain was lifted, and Shi Mo’s voice could be heard. “Come down.”


Tan Ge’s brow was scrunched up as she alighted with Su Xi-er following behind.


A medium-sized boat was stationed on the riverbank. The river extended in all eight directions, and could reach as far as Dongling and Xiliu. 


The half-faced man’s power isn’t in Beimin but in other countries?


“Get on.” Shi Mo coldly ordered as he stood behind Su Xi-er. He then pushed Tan Ge onto the boat.


Walking onto the deck, Su Xi-er asked, “Why did you abduct Tan Ge? What else does she have that’s of use to you?”


“You are the real imperial princess, and while she’s only the imperial princess in name, she also holds the military tally. What do you think I want to do?” Shi Mo cackled. He then instructed the man beside him to confine Su Xi-er and Tan Ge in a room.


Tan Ge looked at Shi Mo with a cold gaze. He’s after the military power I hold.


Soon, the rope securing the boat to the pier was untied, and it gradually began to drift out into the river.


At the bow of the boat, Shi Mo stood ramrod straight with a curl at the corner of his mouth. 


Everything is within my grasp. Pei Qianhao, so what if you’re powerful?


Another man in black walked forward and passed him a letter. “The personal guard of Dongling’s new emperor sent this.”


Shi Mo took the letter and read its contents. A wicked smile appeared at the corners of his mouth and he remarked in a deep voice. “This emperor is cruel and callous. He brought Chu Linglong down and set up his biological elder brother.”


However, the new emperor has gone out of his way to ask for Tan Ge. It’s really interesting.

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