Su Xi-er looked towards the man in black robes. “Are you overestimating yourself, or underestimating others?”


“If you still continue to speak nonsense, I won’t be courteous anymore. I’m not someone who softens at the sight of a woman.” Shi Mo coldly said, his icy gaze landing on Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er nodded at the personal guard before following Shi Mo.


When the two entered the woods, Su Xi-er gradually slowed down her pace, eventually stopping and leaning against a tree trunk.


“What, are you trying to renege?” Shi Mo also stopped walking and briefly took a glimpse at her.


“My body hasn’t always been in the best condition; I can’t walk anymore.” Su Xi-er’s hands were hidden in her sleeves, prepared to attack at any moment.


“You have lots of tricks up your sleeves.” Shi Mo chuckled before swiftly dashing to her side, deftly raising his hand to strike Su Xi-er’s neck.


Su Xi-er nimbly dodged and raised her right hand to fake a move while her right leg swept out, striking his knee and forcing Shi Mo to kneel for a moment before he stood back up. “Your strength isn’t significant, but you have the speed, and you know the right spots to hit. Tsk tsk, if I had been careless, I would have fallen for your trap.” With that said, Shi Mo immediately resorted to force.


Su Xi-er continued to dodge him. I have stalled him long enough. “Fine, I was teasing you anyways; let’s go.” She retracted her hand and signalled for Shi Mo to continue moving forward.


“Kek, you’re the first person who dares to say that you’re teasing me.” A glint of interest flickered in Shi Mo’s eyes. He raised his right hand and pulled two long strips of black fabric from the hem of his robes, tying Su Xi-er’s hands together without another word.


Let’s see how she’s going to play tricks with this.


The two slowly went deeper into the woods.




Meanwhile, Pei Qianhao and Du Ling were standing together, surrounded by corpses. One wore a black robe embroidered with gold, while the other donned a dark blue gown. Unscathed, they turned to look at each other as the soldiers behind them went forward to deal with the bodies.


Du Ling slowly said in his cold voice, “You married this King’s younger sister just like that; this King didn’t receive any betrothal gifts.”


“The betrothal gifts are at the Prince Hao Residence. This Prince has taken very good care of your younger sister.”


The two no longer exchanged any words, falling silent as the night wind whipped up their robes. The overbearing coldness the two exude was enough to encourage the soldiers to hurry up with their work.


Suddenly, Du Ling’s personal guard appeared and came running over. “King, not long after you left, a man in black robes with impressive combat skills appeared. The Imperial Princess willingly left with him.”


Du Ling’s expression turned cold. “And you still have the face to come and see this King?”


It wasn’t easy for me to finally find my younger sister, but now she willingly left with another man???


Pei Qianhao grew solemn. “What did that man look like?”


The guard put on a serious expression. “He was dressed in a black gown, and only his mouth was visible. His combat skills were sublime; this subordinate wasn’t his match.”


Du Ling’s face grew even darker at his words. Pei Qianhao's eyes darkened before he immediately mounted a horse, swiftly sending it into a gallop as he sped away.


“Useless thing!” Du Ling cursed before he snatched the horse of a soldier beside him. He leapt onto its back and cracked the horsewhip.


Du Ling’s riding skills were able to let him quickly catch up to Pei Qianhao, and the two of them quickly headed in the direction of the woods they had previously come from.


The soldiers watched as the two men speedily faded into the distance. That man’s disposition was very similar to Prince Hao’s, yet the two of them are suddenly rushing off for a single woman with grave expressions on their faces.



At this moment, Su Xi-er was being brought onto a horse carriage, her eyes widening when she saw the woman beside her. It’s true that enemies cross paths.

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