Du Ling frowned as a coldness emanated from him. Husband? Younger Sister has already married. Who’s her husband? Could it be… He recalled Pei Qianhao’s personal letter inviting him over. So she is now Princess Consort Hao.


He smirked at this. It all went according to Imperial Grandmother’s wishes in the end. How can I let her put herself in danger like this for her husband?


He stepped up to stop her. “With his intelligence and combat skills, Prince Hao wouldn’t be defeated so easily, so you should stay here where it’s safe.” He then signalled to his personal guard behind him.


His personal guard immediately went forward to stop Su Xi-er from leaving. As a warrior second only to Du Ling in the Western Region, Su Xi-er was no match for him.


“Don’t worry, Imperial Princess. Your elder brother is the bravest warrior in the Western Region, and he’s the only one in the world who can match up to Beimin’s Prince Hao. Even if they were facing a strong opponent, they would defeat the opponent in an instant if they worked together.” The personal guard spoke respectfully. He decided to address her as ‘Imperial Princess’ since his king had already acknowledged her.


Su Xi-er was still worried. The guard followed closely behind her with every step she took. If she strayed too far, he would think of a way to trap her and prevent her from taking another step.


“There’s no need to waste your energy, Your Highness. This subordinate has been with our King for a long time, and has seen all sorts of upheaval in court. Even a trained man might not be my match, not to mention the fact that you’re a lady yourself. Since our King has instructed me to keep an eye on you, please wait here. Our King and your husband are sure to return very soon.” Faced with cold logic, Su Xi-er managed to calm down and stop trying to leave.


After waiting for a long time, there was a sudden disturbance in the trees. This was followed by the appearance of a man in black.


Sensing his presence, Su Xi-er called out, “Half-faced man.” Him again! At such a critical juncture, no less!


“You still remember? I thought you forgot after such a long time.” Shi Mo laughed as he walked out leisurely.


The personal guard frowned. He could tell from the movements of the man in front of him that the latter was a highly-trained martial artist.


“Be good and come with me so that I don’t have to waste too much of my effort.” Shi Mo’s casual voice was unable to mask the malicious tone it carried.


The personal guard lowered his head as he spoke to Su Xi-er, “Your Highness, I’ll deal with him. Please leave; he’s an expert.” He then moved to attack right after.


Shi Mo smirked. “You’re courting death!” A palm immediately rushed towards the personal guard.


Su Xi-er did not leave. Disregarding the fact that she knew the personal guard was no match for the half-faced man,she might be able to find out more about the man’s background and real identity if she followed him!


Picking up a tiny stone from the ground, she flicked it at the guard’s knee, causing him to lower himself at the last second before Shi Mo’s attack could hit him.


“I’ll go with you.” Su Xi-er said calmly.


Shi Mo scoffed at the guard. “You’re no match for me, nor is the Western Region King.” Pei Qianhao is the only one who had beaten me, and it was only because I had been careless at the time. If I had been concentrating, Pei Qianhao would be nothing to me.


The guard could gauge how skilled Shi Mo was from the attack earlier, and knew that he was speaking the truth. But, I would rather give his life than to let the Imperial Princess leave with this man!


Su Xi-er stopped him quickly, whispering, “Go and inform Prince Hao and the Western Region King; they’ll look for me.”


In a mocking tone, Shi Mo said, “They won’t come looking for you.”

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