The leaves rustled in the night breeze as Pei Qianhao turned his horse around and swiftly headed for a small road while surveying the area.


“A-Jing, why are you taking such an obscure path?” Su Xi-er asked.


Remaining silent, Pei Qianhao hugged her even more tightly, his thick outer robes protecting her from the cold winds that buffeted them.


After a while, he stopped the horse, prompting Su Xi-er to speak in a confused manner. “A-Jing.”


“Be good, Xi-er. Let me help you.” He had one hand holding onto her waist, while the other held her hand as she dismounted the horse.


He tightened Su Xi-er’s bright red cloak, its swan designs glittering in the moonlight as he tightened the cloak around her. “Xi-er, I’ll be back soon, so be good and wait for me here.” He then jumped onto the horse, riding off without another word.


Su Xi-er’s eyes narrowed at this. Something must have happened for him to decide to leave me here alone. He originally wouldn’t have even let me come along if it hadn’t been for my insistence, but to think he would make me get off the horse!


Fueled by that thought, she began to chase after him like a fiery red arrow in the night.


Su Xi-er did not feel tired even after covering some distance. All she could think about was Pei Qianhao, her A-Jing. He chose to face danger alone. He didn’t listen to me at all! She even picked up her pace as she continued running.


But the body she now had was far weaker than her original. She was panting heavily when she finally stopped, her face red as a tomato and the vapour from her breaths visible.


Alerted by a sudden disturbance in the nearby forest, Su Xi-er directed her gaze to its source.


Two men walked out with a couple of horses behind them. The one walking in front stood tall and upright, looking like he was at least six-feet tall as his navy robes billowed in the wind.


His deep-set eyes were dark, and the elevated bridge of his nose further accentuated his hawkish eyes. The instant those eyes made contact with Su Xi-er’s own, time seemed to grind to a halt.


Following the initial suspicion, shock and joy quickly followed in succession. The emotions he felt in his heart seemed to melt into his inky black eyes as he stared.


He took steady steps as he walked up to her, leaving Su Xi-er to examine him. She found that not only was he taller than males of the Central Plains, his aura was also extraordinary.


He can only be the King of the Western Region, Du Ling.


Su Xi-er greeted him calmly. “You’re the Western Region King.”


Du Ling raised his brows. “As expected of my sister, being able to accurately judge someone like this.” He reached out and locked her in a tight embrace, immobilising her.


I’ve finally found her, my younger sister, my only relative in this world from the same parents.


“Now that this King has finally found you, you should call me Elder Brother.” Du Ling loosened his grip, though his arms were still around her.


Even though he was her elder brother, she was not used to being hugged by any man except for Pei Qianhao, and Pei Qianhao was…!


Su Xi-er struggled free when she thought of him. “I’ll call you that later. I need to look for my husband; he’s in danger.” She then turned and ran.

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