The village chief was very tempted to take the gold, but they only had three horses which were needed for essential work like transporting supplies and crops. Being left with just one wouldn’t be enough!


Du Ling interrupted. “You can purchase five stronger horses with the gold.”


The village chief nodded at this. It’s worth the exchange! It’ll simply take a bit more time! With the money, I will be able to purchase more horses, and every family in the village will also be able to get some of the leftover gold.


“Come with me, Sir.” The village chief gestured towards the stable located in the east side of the village.


Two horses were then quickly brought out. Hopping onto one of them with practised movements, Du Ling had several of the village ladies blushing; none of them had ever seen such a charming and handsome man in their life.


All of them continued staring, even as Du Ling rode into the distance.


Despite having obtained a pair of horses, it was a given that animals from villages tended to be rather weak, forcing many pit-stops along the way. By the time night had fallen, they had still yet to near the capital.


The personal guard commented, “These can’t be compared to the horses of the Western Region.”


There was a saying in the Central Plains: ‘a full moon signifies reunion’. Du Ling remained silent as he looked up at the moon in the night sky, wondering if he would be able to find his sister this time. 


His eyes then narrowed with hatred at the thought of Du Rin. I am aware of all her schemes and tricks, and would already have executed her if it weren’t for Imperial Grandmother.


Giving her a position and military power were to appease Imperial Grandmother, as well as to confuse the masses. This is especially the case for those from the left faction, who I have wanted to get rid of for some time now.




Upon nightfall, Du Rin’s fists clenched. Seems like Situ Li will not be saving me. He’s only making use of me! I’m so ridiculous!


She decided that she couldn’t afford to continue being a sitting duck. After a moment of contemplation, she started crying out as she held onto her stomach.


Hearing the noise, the soldiers outside the carriage asked, “What’s wrong?”


Du Rin’s eyes filled with tears instantly. “I think it’s my period. This Princess would like to alight for a while.”


The guard’s expression darkened when he heard what she said, letting her alight before following closely behind.


Du Rin yelled at him, “You’re following me even for this? Don’t you people from Beimin know how to feel embarrassed?!”


“I’ll wait here. If I don’t see you in the time it takes to burn half an incense stick, I’m going to go look for you whether you’re done or not.” The unsmiling guard calmly spoke.


Du Rin nodded and made her way towards the inner forest; this was her best chance to escape. She continued walking deeper, and before long, she was gone.


Having waited for a while, the guard decided to hurry her along, only to realise that there was no one to be found! He quickly found a few other guards to help search for her while he rushed back to the capital.




Meanwhile, Wu Ling had been investigating the scene of crime with a group of men, and found the village that Du Ling visited. According to the descriptions from the villagers, the Western Region’s King had been here to acquire some horses. Wu Ling thus began to make his way back to the capital, confident that the man he was looking for would be heading there as well.


Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao left for the suburbs on the same horse after receiving the news at about ten thirty in the evening. At the same time, they dispatched another group of men to trace Du Ling’s steps near the forest where he was last seen, making sure that they combed every inch of the area.




Du Ling dismounted his horse five miles out from the capital, leaning against a tree as he rested.


Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er were also nearby.

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