“You’ve been through so much, but why are you foolish enough to show your hand so soon, Tan Ge? You’ve revealed yourself before we’ve even arrived at the final act.” Su Xi-er inched closer to her as she whispered, readying her hand to strike at any moment.


“We’re in the posthouse, and soldiers from the Western Region are stationed everywhere. In their eyes, I’m the princess. What’s the use of threatening me here?”


Su Xi-er shook her head. “Who says I’m threatening you?” She then raised her hand and aimed for Du Rin’s neck.


Du Rin quickly stood up as she dodged the attack, glaring at Su Xi-er. “Princess Consort Hao, this Princess has treated you as a guest, but you’re attacking me instead? You’ve really been overly pampered by Prince Hao.”


“Since I’ve already started, I’ll be going all the way.” Su Xi-er’s eyes narrowed as she answered, taking a step forward before circling behind Du Rin in the next instant.


Du Rin turned and dodged again, raising her right hand in a bluff as she lifted her left leg to kick Su Xi-er’s knee.


The guard was surprised to see the two of them engaged in a fight when he returned with the snacks and pot of tea. Taking in the intensity of their strikes, he realised that it was not a mere sparring match. This is bad. I have to look for Commander Zhao Wu!


However, before the guard could take more than a few steps, a group of Beimin’s soldiers swarmed in. Their sheer number was enough to overpower those from the Western Region.


Commander Zhao Wu’s expression darkened. “Commander Yuchi, what’s the meaning of this?”


Yuchi Mo maintained a respectful expression, but he spoke with a rather unfriendly tone. “Commander Zhao Wu, I’m just carrying out my duties, that’s all. From now on, none of you are allowed to take a single step out of this posthouse. We’ll be taking the Western Region Imperial Princess with us.”


“Audacious! How dare you take our Princess away!”After arriving in Beimin, Commander Zhao Wu had always been polite until he was challenged so openly.


Yuchi Mo remained silent and signalled to a few guards at his side. In an instant, six guards went up to Commander Zhao Wu, immobilising him.


“Despicable! Challenge me directly if you have the guts to! The Western Region King will not forgive you if he learns about this!” Commander Zhao Wu roared in anger.


Yuchi Mo simply answered, “The Western Region King will arrive in Beimin very soon.”


Su Xi-er was gaining ground in her fight with Du Rin, and seeing the number of Beimin soldiers, the latter quickly surrendered. “What’s the meaning of this?!”


Su Xi-er scoffed at her. “What’s the meaning of this? I’m taking you with me to go look for the Western Region King.” She then turned to Yuchi Mo before saying, “Take her with you. Keep a close eye on her while you’re on the road.”


Du Rin was no match for Yuchi Mo as he went up to her, immobilising her in an instant.


Du Rin bit her lip. You’re daring, Su Xi-er. Taking me with you while you search for Du Ling means that my cover will be blown away the moment he sees you.


While Du Rin was being forced onto the horse carriage, a man who had been hiding in the shadows dashed off to give the Third Imperial Prince a report on what just happened.


Situ Li did not have much of a reaction when he learnt about it, as if he had already expected something like this to happen. “You may go. Continue keeping an eye on the posthouse.”


“This subordinate understands.”


Dressed in his white robes, Situ Li stood motionlessly until a man covered in black clothing appeared. He said, “You’ve been here for a few days.”


The man in black wore a huge cloak that hid most of his facial features. One could only see his lips as he spoke in a hoarse, low voice. “Xie Yun is nothing compared to you when it comes to manipulating women.”


Situ Li remained placid. “Isn’t that great? I don’t have to lift a single finger, and they’re still at each other’s throats.”

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