Du Rin remained calm, as if she had long expected this.. She knew that Du Ling had never treated her like his sister, having felt that she should’ve looked different. 


“It’s unlikely for Du Ling to bring too many soldiers with him, so there’s no need to fret.” Situ Li spoke in a crisp voice as he poured a cup of tea for Du Rin.


She held the cup in her hand, but replied without drinking. “Du Ling is not to be trifled with. Even if he’s traveling in a small group, he won’t allow himself to be on the losing end. He’s just as cold as Pei Qianhao, but even more vicious.”


She had watched him punish the slaves, and her nerves had been steeled just by watching the cruelty of his actions. When she had just arrived in the Western Region, just hearing his name had been enough to make her tremble in fear.


“Weren’t you still able to successfully gain some military power?” Situ Li calmly commented. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. It will take him several days to traverse the distance between the Western Region and Beimin; we can have someone assassinate him during the trip.”


Du Rin sucked in a breath. “You’re planning to kill the Western Region King? Do you have any idea of the consequences?”


“Consequences? The most that could happen is the Western Region attacking Beimin, but with Prince Hao’s methods, the attack would undoubtedly fail. However, that doesn’t matter. All this Prince wants to do is engulf Beimin in complete chaos.” Situ Li walked over to the tightly shut windows and looked outside through the paper panes.


I only want Beimin to become a land of chaos. Empress Mother died tragically trying to protect my position as the Crown Prince, and I became shunned after she was deposed.


“That makes sense, your best chance to act will be when everything is thrown into disarray. Third Imperial Prince, you’ve hidden yourself for so long, but you’re actually the one with the most ambition.” Du Rin laughed softly before adding. “When do we attack Du Ling? As long as he dies before making it to Beimin, everything else can be adjusted.”


Du Rin would have no more worries after Du Ling died. The Grand Empress Dowager was on her side, and she already had the left-faction’s leader wrapped around her finger. Situ Li’s success would be the best thing she could hope for!


Situ Li watched her and asked cautiously, “If Du Ling doesn’t believe that you’re his sister, then his purpose in coming here becomes obvious. The question is, who is the real princess?”


Du Rin laughed bitterly. “Su Xi-er is the real princess; everything has been given to her, and it really makes one envious.”


“So it’s her.” Situ Li smiled. He had found Su Xi-er to be rather unique the very first time he met her, and he was surprised that a mere palace maid could have had such a noble aura. He now understood that it was because she had royal blood flowing in her veins, and that it could not be hidden no matter who she was and where she was.


“If Du Ling sees her, he would recognise her as his sister without even seeing the jade pendant. He’s just that confident. You could even say that he’s similar to Pei Qianhao in this aspect.” Du Rin spoke calmly, but her heart was beating wildly.


Why is Su Xi-er so lucky? She has Pei Qianhao to dote on her, and if Du Ling ever sees her, he would cherish her more than his life. Both of them are exceptional men, yet she can obtain the recognition of both!


Situ Li said, “You like Du Ling.”

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