For the next few days, the capital of Beimin was lively as the citizens chattered in the streets. It was well known that Du Rin had yet to return to the Western Region, and that she would often take rides in her carriage to admire the scenery of Beimin.


“The scenery here in Beimin is very different from the Western Region. Could the Western Region Imperial Princess have fallen in love with it and become unwilling to leave?”


“Who knows if it’s the scenery she’s admiring? Maybe she’s become smitten with some talented young man instead?”


“That makes sense, but I heard that she is very proud. Who could she have taken a fancy to? There’s probably no one else apart from Prince Hao, right?!”


“Perhaps it is Prince Hao. Maybe she’s trying to ruin his current relationship by insisting on staying.”


The civilians continued to fervently gossip until rumours were flying left and right about the Western Region Imperial Princess liking Prince Hao, and that she had sworn to only marry him.


During this period of time, Pei Qianhao had already written a letter and had it quickly sent to the royal court of the Western Region. Despite having changed horses along the way, the messenger finally arrived on the twelfth day and passed his letter to the Western Region King.




The Western Region King knitted his brow as he took the letter. It’s from Prince Hao of Beimin.


I only exchanged a few words with him while I was in Beimin, and yet I have received a letter today.


Du Ling was, of course, well versed in the writing of the Western Region’s language, but he was also fluent in the language of the Central Plains. With that said, his gaze continued to darken as he read through the letter, until his eyes were a pair of bottomless abysses.


He looked towards the guard from the Prince Hao Residence. “You must be tired after having travelled all this way. Guards, prepare a superior repose palace for our honoured guest.”


A guard at the side received the order. “Understood.”


Soon, the guard from the Prince Hao Residence was led away, and Du Ling was left to his thoughts.


Pei Qianhao is aware that I am secretly searching for my younger sister, and now he is inviting me to the Prince Hao Residence. Besides my sister being there, I can’t think of any other reason he would be asking me to visit.


Du Ling’s personal guard walked in at this moment and bowed. “King, Commander Zhao Wu’s letter has already reached the Grand Empress Dowager. This subordinate heard the Grand Empress Dowager say something.”


“Speak.” Du Ling’s voice was full of authority.


“If the Western Region is going to have a marriage alliance with Beimin, it can only be Prince Hao. Even if he already has a princess consort, he still has to accept the Imperial Princess.”


Du Ling laughed with sarcasm. “The only imperial princess of the Western Region can’t be a secondary wife.”


The personal guard replied, “If that’s the case, we can only give up on the marriage alliance with Beimin. There are still three other nations in the Central Plains.”


“The current imperial princess isn’t this King’s younger sister. What she does has nothing to do with this King.”


The personal guard was stunned. The Imperial Princess’ identity has already been announced to the public, and the King has personally given her military power. Yet, why does the King still not properly acknowledge her?


“This King plans to make a trip to Beimin and carefully observe Prince Hao.”


“King, you want to go to Beimin?”


Du Ling nodded and walked outside the palace hall, waving his hand to issue his order.


Not long after that, the whole court learned that Du Ling was going to head to Beimin. When the Grand Empress Dowager heard the news, she didn’t stop him, but simply instructed her palace maid to pass a verbal edict to him: Employ methods to push Princess Consort Hao out and force Prince Hao to marry Du Rin.


Du Ling didn’t respond and boarded the horse carriage, the majestic procession travelling through the night to Beimin.


Once the leader of the left faction learned of it, he immediately instructed his personal guard to quickly send a letter to Du Rin before Du Ling reached Beimin.


By the time Du Rin received the letter, she happened to be at Situ Li’s residence, and the letter only served to reinforce her conviction in her plan.


“Du Ling is coming.” Du Rin said as she burned the letter.

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