Du Rin’s eyes were like stagnant pools of water, as dark as the night sky. After going through all those hardships and coming back to take revenge with my new identity, the only thing I have obtained is Su Xi-er’s disdain.


“Where’s that confidence of yours coming from? How are you going to compete with me, who can you beat for that matter? I’m afraid that your time in the Western Region hasn’t been smooth-sailing either, has it?”


Each and every of Su Xi-er’s words was like a piece of a shattered ice painfully stabbing into Du Rin’s heart, leading her to clench her fists tightly.


Su Xi-er is determined to interfere with Xie Yun’s matter. She’s even ordering me to disappear in one day, and even if I do, no one will come looking for me.


However, despite coming so far, I’m unable to lose everything. Even if I put everything on the line, Su Xi-er is right, I can’t win, all because of Pei Qianhao. The Western Region is steadily growing stronger, but even if I controlled all of its military power, I still wouldn’t be able to win against Beimin.


Su Xi-er, what are you getting conceited about? You rely on men, while I rely on myself. This is what sets us apart. Everything you have came from Pei Qianhao, but I count on myself, even if I’m low. However, I’ve always been alone on this path.


Du Rin closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, she let out a chuckle as the darkness disappeared from her pupils.


I won’t disappear. Since you want to meddle, then do what you want. Even if I can’t beat you, you won’t come out of this unscathed...


At this moment, a Western Region soldier announced from outside the door. “Imperial Princess, a man wishes to see you.”


This soldier wouldn’t have bothered me if the person at the door was someone without status. Du Rin pondered for a moment before coming up with an idea. Could it be Situ Li again?


Du Rin subconsciously wanted to refuse, but the door was already pushed open, confirming her suspicions.


“Third Imperial Prince, it’s disrespectful to directly enter.” Du Rin glanced at him and leisurely poured herself a cup of tea.


Only after the soldier closed the door did Situ Li speak. “This Prince only came here to ask you: have you come to a decision?”


Du Rin didn’t spare him a glance. “Go out, this Princess won’t collaborate with you.”


“You can’t beat the Prince Hao Residence, but since you want to face this by yourself, this Prince will let you do as you wish.” Situ Li turned around, preparing to leave.


However, Du Rin suddenly stopped him. “Don’t tell me you can?” How can a down and out third imperial prince with no power possibly defeat the puissant Pei Qianhao?


“This Prince is choosing to work with you simply because of the military power you hold, which is exactly what this Prince lacks.” Despite secretly raising my own elite soldiers throughout the years, it’s still far from what Pei Qianhao has.


“Haha, you think that this Princess will bargain with you using military might? Dream on! Get out!” Du Rin’s eyes darkened as she fiercely slapped the table.


“What a temperament; it seems like this Prince has made a wrong judgement. However, this Prince holds something you don’t.” Situ Li immediately left the room once he finished speaking.


Du Rin scrunched up her brows. Something I don’t have? What on earth is it? Could it be something Pei Qianhao fears? 


She swiftly stood up and pushed the door open at the thought, planning to chase after Situ Li, but his figure was long gone.


The soldier passed her a paper slip. “Imperial Princess, the man who left just now left this, telling this subordinate to give it to you.”


Du Rin took the slip of paper and unrolled it, finding Situ Li’s temporary address written on it. Gripping the note in her hand, Du Rin fell silent.

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