Du Rin gave Su Xi-er a meaningful look. “It’s indeed not convenient. This Princess shouldn’t interrupt; I’ll come again when I have the time.” She then turned on her heel and boarded the horse carriage. 


Watching the departing horse carriage, Su Xi-er felt as if the relationship between Tan Ge and herself was similar to the carriage slowly driving away. 


We only drift further and further apart, and the moment that horse carriage disappears from my sight, Tan Ge and I will truly have become enemies.


“Princess Consort, please enter the residence.” The guard bowed and respectfully said.


Su Xi-er nodded and headed for the main yard.


Meanwhile, Zhen Yu had already entered the main room while Xie Liuli waited outside with her face full of joy. 


I feel that Zhen Yu’s attitude towards Elder Brother is not completely out of kindness.


Hearing footsteps from behind her, Xie Liuli immediately turned around. “Princess Consort, has the Western Region Imperial Princess left?”


“Mmm, people with bad intentions can’t be let into the residence; I naturally had to chase her away.” Su Xi-er firmly replied.


A trace of resentment briefly flashed past Xie Liuli’s eyes. “I don’t know about the enmity between that imperial princess and Elder Brother, but she shouldn’t use such despicable methods regardless. Although…” She sighed. “Elder Brother carries heavy responsibilities on his shoulders, and has always been forced by the circumstances. Princess Consort, he even targeted you in various ways in the past...”


Su Xi-er patted her shoulder, interrupting her. “Liuli, the moment your Elder Brother let go of his political power, our grudge has no longer existed. More importantly, it will be tough on you for this period of time; Commandery Prince Xie isn’t well, and Zhen Yu is pregnant. You will be the one who has to pay more attention to looking after them.”


“Princess Consort, how can you say that it’s tough? These are things I should do; both of them are my family.” Xie Liuli calmly replied, her eyes shifting to the closed door again.


“As long as everything’s fine.” Su Xi-er nodded before continuing. “I’ll return to the Prince Hao Residence then.” She headed out of the main yard.


Xie Liuli quickly followed her, wanting to accompany her out of the residence.


“Don’t trouble yourself; just take care of Commandery Prince Xie and Zhen Yu.”


Xie Liuli stopped in her tracks and immediately instructed a guard standing nearby. “Escort the Princess Consort out of the residence.”


The guard bowed in acknowledgement and followed Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er boarded the horse carriage and left for the Prince Hao Residence. However, it had only travelled for a short while before another carriage sped over from the side. Despite the best efforts of the guards from the Prince Hao Residence, the carriage still rocked fiercely.


When Su Xi-er opened the curtains, she saw a familiar horse carriage from the Western Region.


The slender hand of a woman did the same from the other carriage, revealing a smiling Du Rin. “Such a coincidence. Why don’t we have a seat in the restaurant beside us?”


The corners of Su Xi-er’s mouth rose. “How can I decline the Imperial Princess’ invitation?”


When the two alighted their carriages, the commoners around them were left staring at the two noblewomen.


After the two walked into the restaurant, the civilians inside the restaurant were chased out before fervently discussing on the streets.


“Who were those two women? They looked very noble.”


“Exactly. Did you notice the woman in the red skirt? Her skin isn’t as fair as that of Beimin’s women, and she looked foreign as well. Could it be…”


A young man boldly guessed. “The Western Region’s Imperial Princess?”

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