The usually friendly Xie Liuli spoke with a sharp tone. “I’m not on good terms with the Imperial Princess of the Western Region. Chase her out!”


The guard was taken aback, having never seen Xie Liuli this angry. However, upon recalling that Commandery Prince Xie had fallen ill after returning from the posthouse, he realised that the Western Region’s Imperial Princess must have been involved. Thus, he understood why Xie Liuli was beside herself. But is it a smart move to chase the Imperial Princess from the Western Region out just like this?


Su Xi-er spoke. “You might not be able to chase her out with your rank as a mere guard. I’ll help you do it.” She then made her way towards the entrance.


The guard was stunned. The Princess Consort is going to chase her out? Will anything bad happen? Prince Hao dotes on her so much; I’d better follow her! He quickly bowed to Xie Liuli and followed Su Xi-er.


Du Rin stood at the entrance of the residence wearing a crimson outfit that complemented her rosy cheeks, her only accessory being a colored sash at her waist. 


However, she did not expect to see Su Xi-er walk out. It seems like Xie Yun and Pei Qianhao are no longer enemies. Xie Yun relinquished his power to Pei Qianhao, and now the two are enemies who have become friends; interesting!


Du Rin smiled at Su Xi-er. “Princess Consort, I didn’t expect us to meet again.”


“Well, of course. It’s as you said, our fates seem to be closely intertwined, like those of sisters.” Su Xi-er returned her smile as she walked up to Du Rin. She took in the red dress and commented, “You look pretty good in red.”


“Many thanks for the compliment, Princess Consort. I see you’re in pink today?” Du Rin raised her brows as she asked.


Su Xi-er replied casually, “No matter how much one likes an outfit they’ll get bored of it if they wear it everyday. But enough about me; why is Your Highness visiting the Commandery Prince Residence today?”


“There are two major players in Beimin, Prince Hao and the Commandery Prince. I’ve already been to the Prince Hao Residence, so I naturally have to pay a visit to the Commandery Prince Residence.” Du Rin gave a very logical explanation.


Su Xi-er laughed softly. “It’s inconvenient for the Commandery Prince to meet you now, so I’ll have to ask you to leave.”


“What, he can’t meet me but he can meet a married woman?” Du Rin asked in a steady tone, the meaning behind her words clear as day.


Unfazed, Su Xi-er calmly answered “I was invited; there’s a difference. They say that those from the Western Region are bold, but I feel that Your Highness is simply disregarding the rules by arriving without having been invited.”


“Disregarding the rules?” Du Rin then went forward and whispered in Su Xi-er’s ear, “You know very well why I’m here. You said you wouldn’t hinder me, so why are you doing this now?”


Su Xi-er raised her brows, her gaze cold. “You’re finally admitting you stole someone else’s identity?”


“You’re threatening me? Why are you helping Xie Yun? Don’t you hate him after he tried to kill you so many times?” Du Rin spoke quietly, her brows slightly creased.


“Hate him? Of course I did hate him in the past, but all that matters is that I’m alive now. To live life driven only by hatred, isn’t that tiring?”

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