Zhen Yu was the very woman that Imperial Physician Zhao was referring to; it was just that Su Xi-er had never expected the former to voluntarily come to the Commandery Prince Residence, much less keep Xie Yun company. 


It seems like their relationship has seen some improvement.


At this moment, Xie Liuli walked over holding a bowl of green liquid - a herbal concoction made to treat wounds.


“Princess Consort, you’re here. Last night…” Xie Liuli stiffened as she recalled what had happened.


Imperial Physician Zhao sighed. “Commandery Princess, the Commandery Prince needs time to recover, so you’ll need to keep an eye on him. In order to keep his mind off other matters, it’s best for him not to leave the residence.”


Xie Liuli nodded quickly. “Many thanks to Imperial Physician Zhao. We’ll need to trouble you to come over to the Commandery Prince Residence often in future.”


“This is my responsibility, and I’ve already written up two prescriptions for the Commandery Prince. That lady seems to know a bit about medicine, and perhaps she can look after him since this humble subject cannot always be here.”


Xie Liuli understood what Imperial Physician Zhao meant, but she wondered if Zhen Yu would agree to it. She knew how kind Zhen Yu was, and had no choice but to ask for her help last night.


Although Elder Brother is still in a weakened state, Zhen Yu is unlikely to stay now that his life is not in danger.


Suddenly, the door opened as Zhen Yu walked out. She was momentarily stunned to see Su Xi-er, but recovered from the surprise quickly as she bowed in greeting. “Princess Consort.”


Su Xi-er walked up and supported her. “You’re pregnant; there’s no need for formalities.”


Zhen Yu looked up at her, feeling conflicted until she finally said, “Princess Consort, I’m afraid that I won’t be returning to the Prince Hao Residence.”


Xie Liuli’s spirits rose slightly as she heard that. “Zhen Yu, are you going to stay in the Commandery Prince Residence?”


“Princess Consort, I’ll be staying here for the time being, and I’ll leave when the Commandery Prince's condition stabilises.”


Su Xi-er nodded. “I’ll get someone to pick you up then.”


“There’s no need, because I won’t be returning. I’ll find somewhere else to give birth, and I’ll live with my child in the future.” Zhen Yu spoke softly yet firmly, sounding like she had everything planned.


“That won’t do. Zhen Yu, you’re a female. It would be very difficult for you to raise a child on your own. Also...” Xie Liuli stopped, completing her sentence in her head instead. How can a child of the Xie Family wander outside like that?


Instead of disagreeing, Su Xi-er took Zhen Yu’s hand and said, “I’ll support you since you’ve already made your decision. Before you leave though, I will leave you some silvers so that you have enough to take care of yourself, and your child.”


“Thank you, Princess Consort.” Gratitude was apparent in Zhen Yu’s eyes. I’m lucky to have met Su Xi-er after leaving Peach Blossom Village and coming to the capital.


Xie Liuli wanted to say something, but decided against it eventually. It’s already asking a lot from Zhen Yu to keep Elder Brother company, and we can’t force her to stay here for her entire life.


A guard walked into the courtyard at this moment, bowing respectfully. “Commandery Princess, the Western Region’s Imperial Princess is here to visit. Do we invite her inside?”

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