Su Xi-er turned her head and replied indifferently, “Lian Qiao, wash the clothes properly.”


Lian Qiao glanced at her. “I will do what you instructed me to do.” She then lowered her head and washed the clothes.


Lian Qiao has told me her decision.


However, with how deeply she hides herself, I’ll still have to test her a bit.


With eleven palace maids washing the clothes together, they washed five basins in four hours. That said, there were still more than twenty basins waiting for them.


Some palace maids had already started to hammer their backs from the soreness. We honestly don’t know how the palace maids in the Laundry Service Bureau all year round managed to survive.


Suddenly, the sound of footsteps could be heard. When they looked in the direction of the sound, it turned out to be Wu Ling.


Wu Ling walked over with a piece of clothing and ordered gravely, “This piece of clothing belongs to Prince Hao. Be meticulous with it. If there’s even a tiny blemish, I will have your heads.”


No palace maids were willing to wash the clothes now. If we mess it up by accident, we will lose our heads!


Wu Ling looked at Su Xi-er and pointed at her. “You will be washing this piece of clothing. Come over quickly to take it.”


Su Xi-er stood up. Everyone gazed at her sympathetically, but were also relieved that they hadn’t been chosen. 


Su Xi-er walked over to Wu Ling and took the clothing from him.


This piece of robes adorned with snake designs. It’s the clothes he wore in the woods beside the Palace Side Quarters that night!


What does he want to hint at by deliberately giving this piece of clothing to me to wash?


Wu Ling leaned down and lowered his voice, his tone sounding a bit embarrassed. “Prince Hao ordered me to send some stuff to your room. Go back and look after you are done washing.”


He immediately raised his head and continued in his regular solemn tone, “You will be washing this piece of clothing today. However, if you fail to do it well, you won’t be able to keep your head! You don’t have to wash the other clothes.”


Wu Ling then left, silently sighing to himself I keep feeling that I have done so many trivial things in this period of time.


With Wu Ling gone, Su Xi-er took the clothes, walked to one of the many empty basins, and placed the piece of clothing in it.


A palace maid immediately cried out, “Eunuchs’ clothes have been placed in this empty basin just now! Prince Hao’s clothes can’t be put in there! Quickly go and look for Old Maidservant Li to ask for a golden basin.”


As soon as the palace maid was done speaking, Old Maidservant Li arrived with a golden basin.


“Which palace maid is washing Prince Hao’s clothes.” With her face filled with red spots, a few palace maids couldn’t keep themselves from laughing.


Su Xi-er walked forward. “It’s this servant.”


The expression in Old Maidservant Li’s eyes changed. It’s her again. Looks like I can’t do anything to her.


She’s Prince Hao’s person! I remember the scene that night too clearly.


But this woman has snuck into the Laundry Service Bureau in the past. Don’t tell me that the one who stole into  the Laundry Service Bureau and harmed the palace maids was her?


Upon thinking of this idea, Old Maidservant Li’s eyelids twitched. But she was also afraid of getting discovered, and immediately placed the golden basin in Su Xi-er’s hands.


“This is the golden basin specially used for washing Prince Hao’s clothes. Be cautious! If you don’t do it well, I’ll chop off your head!”


Drop your head. Kill you. Chop off your head. Su Xi-er had already heard such phrases too many times. 


She took the golden basin and filled it with water before placing the clothes in. The black robe adorned with snake designs formed a stark contrast with the glittering golden basin. As Su Xi-er looked at his clothes, it felt as if Pei Qianhao himself was standing before her.


Immediately, Su Xi-er felt that this piece of clothing had also become detestable. 


She squatted down and scrubbed it roughly. When the other palace maids saw her, they immediately broke out in cold sweat.

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Immediately, Su Xi-er felt that this piece of clothing had also become detestable. 

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