Su Xi-er sat quietly in the Medicinal Decoction House, watching the red spots on her hands gradually disappear.  


After approximately an hour, the red spots had completely vanished.


Soon after, the doors were pushed open by Imperial Physician Zhao. He was tailed by a little apprentice pharmacist who was even younger than Situ Lin.


His hair was tied up in a high ponytail[1] and he looked rather likeable. Running up to Su Xi-er he blinked for a moment before lifting up her hand and taking a look.


Right afterwards, he called out, “How strange, she doesn’t have red spots! The itchy grass is so powerful, yet she is actually fine.”


Imperial Physician Zhao waved his hand. “Return to the Palace Side Quarters. This time, my suspicions were wrong.”


Su Xi-er got up and bowed. “Previously, this servant was anxious and offended you. I hope you won’t mind.”


She had intentionally apologised. After all, even though Imperial Physician Zhao didn’t hold an especially high position, he was still very experienced in the field of medicine and had held a post in the imperial palace for many years. The deep wrinkles in the corners of his eyes were evidence of that. 


Imperial Physician Zhao didn’t expect that Su Xi-er would take the initiative to apologise. Her conduct and deeds had really infuriated him back then.


However, since she is willing to lower her head and admit to her mistakes in lacking manners, it would be a bit inappropriate of me to reproach her. Even if that wasn’t the case, I’m not completely free of fault either. Every person’s skin quality is different, but I was overly confident in my medical skills and suspected the wrong person.


“I was also at fault in this matter. In the future, you can come directly to the Imperial Physician Institute if you fall ill.”


“Thank you Imperial Physician Zhao.”


“Alright, quickly return to the Palace Side Quarters.” Imperial Physician Zhao waved his hand.


Su Xi-er nodded her head and walked out of the room.


The apprentice pharmacist looked at Imperial Physician Zhao and giggled. “Your Excellency, there are also times when you diagnose incorrectly.”


Imperial Physician Zhao knitted his eyebrows, ignoring the apprentice and exiting the room.


Su Xi-er had left the Imperial Physician Institute and was about to walk towards the Palace Side Quarters when Eunuch Zhang walked over from a small sidepath.


“Prince Hao has ordered for you to be transferred to the Laundry Service Bureau. As for your belongings, Old Maidservant Liu will help you pack them up properly before having someone bring them to the Laundry Service Bureau. Now, follow me to the Laundry Service Bureau.”


Eunuch Zhang then turned towards the direction of the Laundry Service Bureau.


Su Xi-er followed him. Prince Hao’s commands have been passed on so quickly.


It is really fast. Going to wash clothes, this is really...


When they arrived at the Laundry Service Bureau, Eunuch Zhang gave her some advice before he left.


Having been beaten so severely by her with the cudgel that night, Old Maidservant Li naturally recognised Su Xi-er. However, Old Maidservant Li’s face was still full of red spots and her body was still itching, so she had no spare time to take care of Su Xi-er.


Moreover, maybe this woman’s relationship with Prince Hao isn’t ordinary.


“The Laundry Service Bureau is in a mess right now. Your room is the innermost one in the backyard, and you will be staying in there alone. Since it’s still early, go and wash a few basins of clothes first.”


After giving out her instructions, Old Maidservant Li walked away while scratching herself.


Su Xi-er arrived work area and found all the palace maids washing the clothes in front of her were from the Palace Side Quarters, whereas the Laundry Service Bureau’s palace maids were all lying on their beds.


Lian Qiao spotted Su Xi-er and raised her hand to get her attention. “Su Xi-er, why have you come to the Laundry Service Bureau too?”


“I was just instructed to come over. All the clothes have to be washed today?”


Another palace maid interrupted with an especially helpless expression. “That’s right. There are so many clothes that I don’t know when we’ll finish; the only thing that is certain is that there won’t be any sleeping tonight.”


Lian Qiao smiled. “We have carried out heavy manual labour for so many years and have long gotten used to it. Su Xi-er, come to my side. There’s still a small stool.”


Su Xi-er swept her gaze through her surroundings and realised that the space beside Lian Qiao was the only one left.


Hence, she walked to Lian Qiao’s side, sat on the small stool, and began to wash the clothes.


Just as she sat down, Lian Qiao’s subdued voice entered her ears.


“Did you intend to cause the Laundry Service Bureau to become this way? What is your goal?”

1. It’s also called ‘Soaring Braid’. Here is an example of how it looks like:


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